Things You Need To Know Before Getting Your Eyes Tested

eye tests
eye tests

So many people are not sure what to expect from the eye specialist when they got an appointment with them, specifically if it’s their first comprehensive eye check-up. There is a wide variety of eye tests and procedures for examining your eyes. These tests vary from person to person, starting from simple one and move on to the complex ones. You can ask to read the eye chart or maybe you will be supposed to use high powered contact lenses to see the little structures inside the eye. It is possible that the detail and comprehensive eye test can take an hour or more. This depends on the doctor and sometimes the complex tests need full attention to completely evaluate the health and sight of your eyes.

It is very important to get an annual screening of eyes to keep track of their health. But do you know when you need to go to the doctor and get your eyes to get checked by some professional specialist? You should go to the right doctor at the right time and make sure your eyesight lasts a lifetime. Also, you must use quality glasses like health fund claim glasses. Here we have listed some important things you need to know before getting your eyes tested, just read carefully below:

When you should go for the Eye Test?

things you need to know before getting your eyes tested

Childhood Screening

Child’s eyes used to change frequently since childhood to teenage years. There are some specific guidelines mentioned by the American Association for Pediatric ophthalmology. One must go through these guidelines and follow them religiously. Such screening can be very helpful for you to know when your kid needs a proper screening of their eyes.

Adulthood Screening

It is recommended for adults that one should go for a complete eye test at the age of 40. This is the time when early signs of vision disease may start appearing and get to know disease at an early stage is very essential to treat. One can preserve his sight by taking proper care and treatment at the right time.

But this doesn’t mean that you will start waiting for turning 40 and then go to an ophthalmologist. You should better visit a doctor as possible as you can if you have any eye disease or risk factor including:

  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood pressure issue
  • Or your family history has eye diseases

Upon getting tested by the ophthalmologist, he can suggest to you how often you should go for an eye test. He might sight your vision for some diseases like:

  • Cataracts
  • Retinopathy
  • Macular degeneration
  • Glaucoma

Understand Eye Problem

Before visiting an ophthalmologist you should do some research on your own to ask proper questions once you visit a doctor. So in general if you are 16 or above, make an appointment with the doctor and go there for a casual check-up.

What Would Happen During My Eye Test?

things you need to know before getting your eyes tested

You should be well aware of the fact of what is going to happen with you when you will see a doctor. So if you are going there for the first time or even visiting an ophthalmologist after a long time, you will be amazed to see the technology. You can experience how technological improvements have an impact on efficiency and accuracy in eye testing.

During your complete and detailed eye test, your optician may go for the following explained test using some painless and non-invasion techniques:

Visual Activity Test

This is going to the very basic test, which is directly connected with the sharpness of your sight. Your doctor may conduct this test using the traditional method. He can ask you to read the wall chart displayed on the wall at some distance. This is to know how far you can see the letters written on the page. And you might be supposed to look through the viewfinder apparatus. Both tests go the same way and there would be no different results.


One more basic eye test and most probably you supposed to get it over with early. In this test, you might be asked to focus on the largest letter written on the wall chart. They may turn off the light or dim it, and the doctor will pass light in your eyes during tossing the optical lenses into your eyes. This test is used to examine the strength of the lenses, by using the reflection of light through your eyes.


This test is going to know about the exact eyeglass number that you might need if you have a weak vision. There is an instrument called a phoropter, your doctor will give you time to see through the series of lenses to make sure which lens is the clearest. This is super simple, and you will be moving very fast until he got your accurate lens and penned sown on your prescription.

He will make a judgment by recording the amount of your eye refraction, which can easily determine the level of farsightedness, nearsightedness, and presbyopia.

Color Blindness Test

To check your colour vision, your optician can conduct this test. Lots of people remain unaware before visiting ophthalmologists that they have some vision deficiencies. And this is possible that one can spend the whole life without knowing this problem. This test can alert your doc about any underlying vision issues that you might be going to face in the future. And he can detect whether you have some heredity colour blindness problem or not.

Glaucoma Eye Test

things you need to know before getting your eyes tested

You might have heard of this term earlier, and maybe some of your family person or colleague has already taken it. This test is also called the Puff of air test, and it’s completely painless. In this test, your doctor will puff a light burst of air using a machine named tonometer into your eyes. This is used to measure the pressure inside your eyes if there is high pressure; you might have glaucoma.

Your Concerns Before Visiting An Eye Specialist

If you are worrying before visiting a doctor for an eye test, be very sure that most of the time people don’t have an eye problem. Our vision changes with time and this is the natural phenomena that as you age your sight changes. And some people use glasses only to see more clearly and they are comfortable in it.


As some people are used to reading habit and they need it to focus on the written text that might be small somehow. So wearing glasses doesn’t only mean that your eyes are unhealthy. And if you are using glasses, don’t assume that this will make your vision poorer. So if you are experiencing any change in your vision, make an appointment with your optometrist. There are lots of eye conditions that can be treated earlier more efficiently. So it’s always better to start at the early stage and don’t be afraid of visiting your doc. 

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