I look forward to seeing how the proposed Apollo Bay Resort develops, as Melbourne races towards being Australia’s largest cities its coastal playgrounds like Lorne will take a beating and I think developments such as this will help spread the load and improve the lifestyle and economy for the locals.

I am impressed with the various features including an observatory to view the stars, wildlife corridors and an emphasis on art and sculpture. Their commitment to honouring the local Indigenous culture and peoples also indicates to me this holistic approach to development in Apollo Bay will have lasting benefits and help showcase Victoria’s Coast Communities.

Many up to date facilities including spas, gymnasiums and eating/entertainment areas will also provide employment and training for local people, even the build is to use local and regional tradies and all Australian materials.

Landscaping with incorporate plants that are indigenous to the area and over time as development matures one can imagine the local flora and fauna in abundance and with a great aesthetic.

I understand the trepidation of people living there, but a resort of this quality and intent to become a true asset to the local economy is an opportunity not to be overlooked.