ASUS Recognised as an EPEAT Climate+ Champion

ASUS Sustainability

ASUS is committed to meeting the highest industry standards around decarbonisation, environmental responsibility, and energy efficiency


  • ASUS is among the inaugural companies to be recognised as an EPEAT Climate+ Champion, demonstrating its dedication to climate change mitigation 

  • Climate+ designated products meet rigorous EPEAT criteria for product energy efficiency standards, renewable energy sourcing, and emission reduction targets

  • ASUS drives sustainability by offering verifiable low-carbon products, adopting renewable energy, and championing carbon reduction across its supply chain 

ASUS has announced that it has been recognsed as an EPEAT Climate+ Champion, highlighting the company’s commitment to climate change mitigation. The new Climate+ designation is given to EPEAT registered products that are produced to meet the highest industry standards around decarbonisation, environmental responsibility, and energy efficiency.

Organised by the Global Electronics Council (GEC), EPEAT is a premier sustainability ecolabel for electronic products. The EPEAT Climate+ designation is the latest recognition of ASUS’ efforts in environmental sustainability and climate action.

EPEAT uses stringent criteria to identify whether a product deserves their ecolabel. For example, EPEAT’s validation not only ascertains adherence to extensive product category-specific benchmarks, such as materials selection, design for circularity, and end-of-life management, but also the fulfillment of additional key criteria specific to the Climate+ designation. These include third-party verifiable product carbon footprint reports, SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative) validated emission reduction targets, energy efficient manufacturing, and using electricity from renewable energy sources.

Near-term science-based emission reduction targets validated by SBTi

EPEAT’s approach and criteria align perfectly with ASUS’ commitment to climate action. The company’s near-term science-based emissions reduction targets have recently been approved by the SBTi, an initiative launched by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). ASUS has also committed to setting long-term emission reduction targets with the SBTi in line with reaching net-zero by 2050.

Verifiable low carbon products

ASUS consistently strives to offer low-carbon products, focusing on areas such as elevating energy efficiency, utilising renewable energy sources, and providing verified product carbon footprint reports. EPEAT Climate+ designated ASUS products will come with third-party verified product carbon footprint reports. Additionally, ASUS’ greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory reporting has been validated by independent experts, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and transparency in its environmental initiatives.

Increasing renewable energy usage  

ASUS exceeds the EPEAT threshold of 12.5% renewable energy use in operating centers, further highlighting the company’s steadfast commitment to sustainable practices. This also signifies the major strides by ASUS towards attaining its goal of using 100% renewable energy in its Taiwan-based operations centers by 2030 and global operations centers by 2035.

Leading the supply chain in carbon reduction

Recognising the significant role of the supply chain in greenhouse gas emissions, ASUS has initiated carbon reduction engagement and communication programs within its supply chain to drive climate action. In 2022, key ASUS suppliers reduced their GHG emission intensity by 24%, benchmarked against the baseline year of 2020. Moreover, these suppliers are poised to achieve a 30% reduction in emission intensity by 2025. These ongoing efforts demonstrate the unwavering commitment of ASUS to environmental stewardship, reducing its carbon footprint, and paving the way to a more incredible, sustainable future.

About ASUS

ASUS is a global technology leader that provides the world’s most innovative and intuitive devices, components and solutions to deliver incredible experiences that enhance the lives of people everywhere. With its team of 5,000 in-house R&D experts, ASUS is world-renowned for continuously reimagining today’s technologies for tomorrow, garners more than 11 awards every day for quality, innovation and design, and is ranked among Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies.

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