NSW Government Air Conditioning Rebate For Eligible Homeowners And Small Businesses

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The New South Wales air conditioning rebate program promotes energy-efficient air conditioning installations and upgrades for homeowners and small businesses across the state. Efficient Energy Group (EEG) is an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) working with the NSW Government across a range of its Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) rebates and incentives.

Who Is Eligible for the Air Conditioning Rebate in NSW?

The ESS air conditioning rebate in NSW is available to homeowners and small businesses located within New South Wales that meet certain eligibility criteria. EEG CEO Joshua Liptak advises the main criteria is that the house or business is located in New South Wales, and the applicant either owns the property, or has the owner’s approval for the installation.

He notes that the owner or occupant must also consent to having relevant data collected, be prepared to choose an HEER-approved installer, enter into a contract with an ACP prior to the installation, and select a GEMS-approved air conditioner.

What Is the Air Conditioning Rebate in NSW?

The air conditioning rebate in NSW is a State Government initiative. Its primary purpose is to encourage homeowners and small business owners to install or upgrade to energy-efficient air conditioners. Liptak says the rebate can contribute anywhere up to $1,000 towards the cost of the new air-conditioner but there is a minimum payment required. This will vary depending on air conditioner size and the scope of installation work.

How Can One Apply for the Government Aircon Rebate?

To apply for the NSW government aircon rebate, applicants should first contact accredited suppliers (ACPs) in their area to determine eligibility and get quotes. The ACP will help them choose an approved air conditioner that best suits their requirements.

Applicants must then appoint an ACP BEFORE work begins on their installation AND sign the rebate nomination form before completion of the installation. Liptak advises that complying with these last 2 requirements is critical because the rebate will not be paid on previously completed work.

The work must also be done by a licensed air conditioning and refrigeration contractor, and owners should ensure they are shown how to use their new system correctly. The contractor is also responsible for removing and disposing of the old air conditioner.

What Size Room Can a 7kW Air Conditioner Effectively Cool?

A 7kW air conditioner can effectively cool a 45m² to 65m² room. However, factors like insulation, window orientation, geo location, and room size can all significantly impact the air conditioner’s efficiency and cooling capacity. Liptak recommends applicants discuss all these factors with their ACP prior to settling on an air conditioning unit to ensure they get the right one.

Is Mitsubishi a Reputable Brand for Air Conditioners?

The GEMS list does not favour any particular air conditioner brand. However, Liptak suggests that applicants wanting a guarantee of quality and reliability should stick with reputable, long-established brands like Mitsubishi. He says that in his experience these brands produce extremely reliable, durable, energy-efficient air conditioners to suit a wide range of conditions. They also provide comprehensive warranties.

What Exactly Is Emerald Airlink?

The Emerald Airlink, or AC Link, is an app for Smartphones and other mobile devices that links an air conditioner to the Emerald Home Energy Manager app. It works with most modern split system air conditioners and allows the owner to remotely control most aspects of their air conditioner.

Efficient Energy Group: Your Trusted ACP Partner For Air Conditioning Installations
Efficient Energy Group (EEG) is an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) working with the NSW Government to help reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gases, and power bills throughout NSW, Queensland, and Victoria.
For more information on the NSW Air Conditioning Rebate and other renewable energy initiatives available in NSW, Queensland, and Victoria, please visit efficientenergygroup.com.au

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About Efficient Energy Group Efficient Energy Group is a market leader in the design and application of resource management and energy conservation solutions. Our team works closely with governments, industry experts, and stakeholders to help make positive changes in the energy sector, and drive innovation and education.

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