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Greg Manson

Windfall – Netflix it a good movie? yes, is it great? No, but it's definitely worth your time if claustrophobic desert noir is your thing. Jesse Plemons...

Black Summer – Netflix

Black Summer, apparently this is a prequel to Z Nation, which I lasted about half an ep with so I'm not a fan of...


DON’T DROP THE SOAP I grew up in Queensland, so I’m no stranger to hot weather, but I was suffering on this trip. The coast...

Dr Greg notes the passing of Prince and his legacy

Why we should mourn Prince I’m not some crazy besotted fan, but he had an incredible body of work, and like any great artist he...

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Travel Ideas for Caravans That Will Keep You and Your Mobile Home Safe and Secure

As the allure of the open road calls, leaving on a motorhome journey guarantees an excursion loaded up with opportunity, disclosure, and remarkable encounters. Be that as it may, in the midst of the fervour of investigation, guaranteeing the well-being and security of both yourself and your...

It’s not easy being a green brand, but it can be

By David Campbell, Partner at Brand Rebellion Internal and external communication is the linchpin of any sustainability transformation. Typical greenwashing words like ‘green’, ‘eco-friendly’ ‘sustainable’, natural’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ can be misleading, and messages that brands put out about their ESG effort should include the exact policy, process and impact. Carefully crafted messages explaining exactly […]

Latest Research Reveals Significant Environmental Benefits of Hybrid Working: Businesses Reduce Energy Usage by a Fifth

 Businesses have cut energy usage by a fifth (19%) as a result of the more efficient use of office space or by providing teams access to flexible workspace 84% of businesses that have adopted hybrid working have reduced their energy usage and overall carbon footprint More than three quarters are looking to explore additional avenues […]

Protecting Rivers Is No Joke – And the World Now Agrees

By Zach Green (President and co-founder) and Chris Keefer (CEO and co-founder) of Rivers are Life. 2024 represents a mission critical inflection point for the world in confronting the climate crisis. For example, new rules in the European Union and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will change how global businesses report risks and manage […]

Red Tape in Renewable Energy Zones slowing Green Energy revolution

  Battery Energy Storage Rok Solid An expert at the coalface of brokering land deals for renewable projects is warning bureaucratic red tape is hampering Australia’s potential to be at the forefront of the green energy revolution with approvals taking as long as three years. “States like New South Wales and Queensland have specific Renewable […]


Hundreds of young Australians converged at OceanEarth Foundation’s inaugural Ocean Youth Summit, last week, to champion the cause of ocean conservation. The first of its kind in Australia, the event brought together an array of speakers and emerging leaders to discuss innovation, sustainability, and ocean conservation. With a focus on engaging youth advocates, the Ocean Youth […]

Forum focuses on how to produce and consume with reduced planetary impact

John Gertsakis, Director of the Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence.  Product stewardship is the pathway for businesses and governments to a real-world circular economy, and for the first-time leaders in product stewardship from these sectors in Australia and Europe are coming together on 9 May in Sydney. At the 2024 Australian Product Stewardship Forum, these changemakers […]

STH BNK By Beulah explores hydroponics via first Melbourne urban farm in Southbank

In the lead-up to construction commencing on Australia’s tallest tower STH BNK By Beulah, Melbourne developer Beulah has partnered with Sydney-based community vertical farming business, Greenspace, to activate the existing site into a 200sqm pop-up Macrofarm during the prep phase for construction. Disrupting the traditional food production and distribution system with a profound new interconnected […]

Australian businesses eye opportunities in Vietnam’s surging green economy

 Asialink Business CEO Leigh Howard The timing couldn’t be better for Australian businesses to tap into opportunities arising from Vietnam’s green economy sector. As part of its Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP), Vietnam aims to generate 47 percent of its power from renewable energy by 2030. Its recently approved National Power Development Plan implementation roadmap […]

Wilderlands protects 100,000 square metres of vulnerable Australian habitat through biodiversity credits.

Wilderlands have reached a major milestone becoming the world’s fastest voluntary biodiversity credit developer to retire over 100,000 units which will protect over 10 hectares of vulnerable Australian habitat, forever. Wilderlands have reached a major milestone becoming the world’s fastest voluntary biodiversity credit developer to retire over 100,000 units which will protect over 10 hectares […]

Today’s ramble

I’ve changed the day I publish my article on this website. I did that a few weeks ago in an effort to force myself to write. I’m finding I’m too busy doing things for, or with, other people to find time to write my blog. The thing...

Wimbo Park a winner for Surry Hills

Wimbo Park in Surry Hills. Will Jones/City of Sydney City of Sydney A bigger, better and more beautiful Wimbo Park is now open for residents and visitors of Surry Hills. The City of Sydney’s multi-million dollar upgrade has transformed a small rest area into 4,600 square metres of open lawns, trees, seating and play areas […]