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Book Fair Australia 2023

The Tragedy of HAMLET

Isn’t it wonderful how people pursued through trackless wastes by Zombies/Cossacks/Nazis etc always manage to find a secluded spot with running hot water and fine wines to have a civilised interlude before they resume their desperate flight?

I call it Lazy Fucking Writing, maself, and it brings the whole standard of the drama down a notch before it is resumed with a finale of nihilistic confusion befitting the general tone of the story. The Koreans re-wrote the book in this genre with Train to Busan so I wonder if the presence of a Korean character who speaks no English and is never translated is a clever nod to that…critics were lukewarm in their reaction to both series, I can only assume it is because they lack a wider perspective of the subliminal possibilities of a series like this; the zombies are merely a mise-en-scene, the real story is humanity in extremis.

Dr Greg

Greg Manson
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Black Summer, apparently this is a prequel to Z Nation, which I lasted about half an ep with so I'm not a fan of the franchise so to speak, but I am a zombie aficionado in some respects, anyway, this nails it in IMO,...Black Summer - Netflix