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Tracie Barrett

Tracie Barrett is an Irish / Maori storyteller who has worked in journalism in New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, China, and Hong Kong. She is also a skilled hospitality professional, cook, office administrator, manager, nanny, and ocean sailor, with a love of travel, and networks around the world. Her poorly curated blog is Flight of the Kiwi

Exclusive Content


Finding Covid Normal

A musician friend in Aotearoa/New Zealand was telling me about the live gigs he has been playing lately, and those he has booked, and...

Community and Connectivity

Covid sucks! I want to be clear about that. This global pandemic has so far cost us more than a million lives directly, and the...

The best of times, the worst of times

“ … and then, COVID struck.”  As a storyteller, a reader of, and a listener and watcher of stories, I’ve been hearing the above line...

Travel as a Learning Zone

Professional photographer and videographer Aaron Michelson has seen a lot of the world but considers his birthplace of Hong Kong to be his home. The...

‘Dying in droves’ – CovidSchooling in Milan, Italy

When coronavirus first appeared on teacher Melissa’s personal radar, she and colleagues didn’t take it very seriously. That changed quickly for the US citizen...

Taking a break – CovidSchooling in Manitoba, Canada

A look at how teachers, parents and teachers are coping with schooling during the coronavirus global pandemic. Occupational therapist Tara and her husband live in...