BeachPatrol 3207 to Wildlife rescue


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3207Beachpatrol rescue this beautiful Cormorant from a sad plight

One of our members Pam was walking on Sandridge beach yesterday when she noticed this distressed Cormorant on the shore acting unusual.  Getting closer she could see it was horribly tangled in fishing line and hooks embed in it skin.   She called Ramona and Ross to come and help.  It would not let her get too close and flapped out to the water if she did, but then came back on shore again.  It’s head was being pulled to one side with line around its beak and its tongue was being pulled out the side.  It had one hook in it back and another around the front.  It’s legs were entangled and constrained.
With Ross wading out in the water to approach it from the water side and Pam and Ramona coming in from each side on shore the bird was able to be caught on a 2nd attempt.   Wrapping it in a towel it was quickly taken to the Port Melb Vet.

First fish hook
Entangled leg
Damaged wing

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