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The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, as well as the Melbourne Fashion Week, delivered serious fashion and beauty inspiration this year. As a city, Melbourne has long been hailed as the fashion capital of Australia, and with very good reason. Not only is the city home to renowned fashion houses such as Mr Winston Co and HoMie, but it is also a hotspot for countless beauty and cosmetic trends that are proving to have a significant amount of staying power.

Less is (still) more

For the second year in a row, natural beauty is trending both on and off the catwalk. Despite Melbourne’s reputation for being the most fashion-forward city in Australia, people are becoming increasingly concerned with natural beauty. The tanning industry, in particular, is labouring hard to stay ahead of the demand for natural-looking, streak-free formulas that not only render a golden-brown tan but nourish the skin at the same time. Apart from natural-looking fake tans, natural eyebrows, lashes and lips can also be seen all over Melbourne, highlighting the premise that ‘less is indeed more’.

The injectables craze continues

Despite natural beauty trending in Melbourne and the rest of Australia, the cosmetic injectables craze also continues in Victoria. Jawline fillers that help to create a youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance have been extremely popular for a number of years, with even Nicole Kidman making use of the procedure to give her natural beauty an added boost. The demand for plumper lips is on the rise, with many opting for derma fillers for the desired look. Discover more about lip fillers. Alongside a love for derma fillers, Melburnians have also become huge fans of collagen supplements, which are known to reduce the signs of premature ageing, while also increasing skin hydration.

An old favourite reappears

Amid increased efforts by Australian beauty brands to support a greener planet, a beauty product from yesteryear, the humble bar of soap, is currently making a huge comeback. Re-thinking plastic is one of the biggest global consumer trends this year, and swapping bottles of shower gels and facial cleansers for a bar of quality beauty soap is a very good place to start. Melbourne-based business, The Australian Natural Soap Company, is embracing the rising trend full-on, offering eco-conscious consumers a large variety of completely natural vegan, paraben and palm oil-free soap. Among the most popular variants are the Elemi and Kuenza cleansing bar, the Australian Pink Clay bar, and the Activated Charcoal soap. All these products render your skin looking healthy and radiant just like a traditional, substantially more-expensive product would.

Every new year brings with it a plethora of beauty trends with varying degrees of staying power. While most trends warrant some degree of interest, some are deservingly short-lived and unmemorable.

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