Best Cycling Routes In The World For The Eco-Friendly Travel

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Cycling is the best way you can experience a place because you will not only be able to explore parts of it that you can’t reach by car, you will also reduce your carbon footprint. Even though the big part of cycling is green transportation and exercise, the biggest part is the connection with the surroundings when you are cycling through nature. 

Explore Yangshou’s Breathtaking Scenery, China

If you are looking for a mellow trail where you can take part in being more eco-friendly by choosing to cycle, this is one of the best places you can go. Here you won’t have to worry about the trail being too hard or too boring. That is because you will be surrounded by the most breathtaking sceneries that you will ever be able to experience. One of the most popular things that people opt to see is the karst limestone of Yangshuo. You can follow the calming, tranquil trails while breaking in the fresh mountain air. 

Cycle Through Magical Backstreets of Hanoi, Vietnam

A lot of people don’t think that Vietnam is a good place for cycling, but that is because they don’t know about Hanoi. It is the second biggest city in Vietnam and it is the capital. But it is different from all other cities as it does not have the chaotic roads most places in Vietnam do. Another thing why this place made it onto the list is because it is the only place in Vietnam that hasn’t been affected by the war, which makes it a very peaceful and authentic place where you can cycle through. There you will be able to see the architecture that was influenced by the French. The routes are about two hours long and they are perfect for cyclists of all levels. After your cycling adventure, you can eat their famous ice cream to make up for all the calories you have burned. 

Explore The Gold Coast, Australia

If you are someone who likes adventures, there is no better place for you than the trails of the Gold Coast. It is a breathtaking place that needs to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. And what better way to do it than being eco-conscious and taking your bike. The trails are for everybody so you don’t have to worry about it being too hard for you. The most popular route that you can take is the Memorial Route, which is about 48 kilometres. It will take you all the way from Captain Cook Memorial to Paradise point. There are many stops along the way where you will be able to stop, take a dip or sit down to have some lunch. It is one of the most popular Australian cycling trails.

Explore Cape Cod, United States

Not a lot of people know how amazing Cape Cod is and that it is filled with breathtaking trails that just about any cyclist can conquer. That is because The Cape Cod Rail Trails are made out of old railroad lines so they are straight and easy to ride on. Even though it is better to have proper mountain bicycles, the trails are very beginner-friendly. The most popular trail will take you through the heart of Cape Cod which is near Eastham and Brewster which is the best place you can take a break. If you are up for an adventure, you can make a detour and cycle down to see the famous National Seashore Visitors Center located in Eastham. But if you are someone who likes challenges and wants to have an adrenaline rush, there are many different trails where you can get that. One of the most popular trails is called the Provincelands Bike Trail and it is approximately an 8-mile ride. What makes it so special is that it will take you along a beautiful pine forest as well as some of the most mesmerising beaches. 

Cycle Tough Royal National Park and See What It Has To Offer, Australia

If you are interested in exploring Australia and you have either already been to the Gold Coast or it is too challenging for you, the best place you can cycle through is the Royal National Park. In the national park, you will be able to cycle through breathtaking routes that are filled with gum trees which will take your breath away. There are so many different trails that you can choose from depending on your skill levels. One of the most popular routes you can take is the Manly Dam Mountain Track because it is filled with fun ups and downs and it is only 10 kilometres long and it is not too hard to conquer. 

Cycle Down The Streets of Montreal, Canada      

For those who are interested in exploring cities rather than forests and national parks, Montreal is the best place that you can choose. That is because it is one of the first towns that has started a bike-sharing program for its residents. It is one of the reasons why cycling has become an everyday thing for all people in Montreal as it is the most popular way of committing. It has many different routes that are all safe and good for cyclists of all levels. One of the most popular routes that you can take is the one that goes along the Lachine Canal. While you are there you will be able to look at amazing historic mils, while cycling along the water as well as a stop for snacks at their famous markets. If you are feeling like you need to refuel your body after cycling you can try their cheese and bread as it is one of the most popular things on their markets. It is one of the best places you can cycle though if you are an eco-conscious traveller as you will be lowering the carbon footprint you are leaving on the world. 

All in all, the only thing that matters when you are choosing the location that you will visit next is that you have a good time. No matter where you choose to go if you are choosing to cycle you will not only be more environmentally conscious but you will also be able to be more involved with nature. 


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