CBD Oil and Soap Review

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These days a lot of people are suffering from anxiety-related issues because the world is moving too fast everybody is in a hurry, and prices on everything are going up on a daily basis eating healthy is incredibly expensive.

Covid, mandates and lockdowns have been enough to give many anxiety issues. The first thing 99% of doctors will do is write a prescription for a drug of some sort.

For doctors, antidepressants are a common go-to drug for anxiety disorders. There are so many ‘possible’ side effects with even what is seen as ‘modern’ antidepressants, then the common rule of practice is for doctors to prescribe another drug to ‘deal’ with whatever side effects have persisted. Welcome to the medical merry-go-round.

Thankfully I discovered The Cannabis University at Murwillumbah, I have been successfully handling my Anxiety Disorder for three years with no side effects by using their C.B.D.A-DS Oil. Oils with THC content are available. The organic entire cannabis plant is infused in certified organic extra virgin olive oil. The CBDA-DS(double strength)goes through the process twice.

The first oil is retained, and a second batch of fresh cannabis is added making it twice as strong. The method of infusing the cannabis is cold and raw so as many cannabis elements as possible are captured. It costs $65, five drops under my tongue of a night and life became easier, it lasts just shy of three months.

A $1 joining fee gives you access to their shop where there is a big variety of products available, they ship out on Tuesdays and Thursdays,I have never had any issues with payment or delivery. One month ago I finally bought their cannabis-infused soap, it is loaded with CBDA-infused olive oil so I can transdermally top up my endocannabinoid system.

It is made from premium organic ingredients to prevent toxins from entering the body. My skin is very grateful for my decision, at $5 a cake it is expensive but worth every cent. Itchy dry skin is part of the joys of hypothyroidism.

I have not been seen rubbing my back on trees or brick walls for a month now. I have also noticed my face is a lot brighter and my skin is no longer as dry as a chip.The soap beats every overpriced over-the-counter product I have ever purchased.

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