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BERYL – Part Three

This Is A Continuation of a True Collection Of Stories About My Complicated Narcissistic Mother…I have added some adjectives also the odd verb and thrown in a bit of spice to amuse myself.I do not have the money to pay for the amount of therapy I would need to help me get my head aroundContinue reading "BERYL….Part Three."


This Is A True Collection Of Stories About My Complicated Mother Beryl… I have added some adjectives and verbs...

Bugger Off Arthur!

Recently a new man has made an unwelcome and unwanted entrance into my life, well to be honest...

CBD Oil and Soap Review

These days a lot of people are suffering from anxiety-related issues because the world is moving too fast...


My 98y.o.mother has dementia and Paget's disease then in 2019 diagnosed with brain cancer, and she reached a...