This Is A True Collection Of Stories About My Complicated Mother Beryl…

I have added some adjectives and verbs and thrown in a bit of spice to amuse myself, I do not have the money to pay for the amount of therapy I would need to help me get my head around all the lies and deceit…..I choose to write about the shitshow that has been my life with humour because laughter is good for the soul…Names have been changed to protect the innocent and my mental health.

It doesn’t matter how bad anybody’s childhood may have been as an adult one is responsible for one’s choices.

Beryl was not born narcissistic as she aged her choices were always selfish lacking empathy and compassion for all and sundry creating and embracing her malignant narcissistic personality.

During her late teens, Beryl started playing musical beds with a teenage boy named Kurt and a man 15 years her senior named Burt. When young Kurt was away with the army Beryl would bump uglies with Burt and vice-versa when Burt was away with the Navy.

Beryl eventually dumped Kurt to marry Burt when she was 21 and he was 35. Just over two minutes into the marriage she began horizontal folk dancing once again with Kurt while Burt was at sea.

Two years into her marriage during a dark and gloomy cold winter’s day a door-to-door salesman named Barry knocked on Beryl’s door, he was selling termite protection and wanted to go under the house to check the quality of the stumps, he must have tickled Beryl’s fancy because she asked him inside for a hot beverage and the opportunity to poke around in her crawl space.

Barry kept knocking on Beryl’s door for a prod and a poke for quite some time…until…that fateful day when Burt caught Beryl in a compromising situation with Barry and of course the affair ended abruptly but unbeknown to Burt Beryl was already pregnant to Barry.

Unfortunately for the foetus Beryl twice attempted self-abortion, but ‘Bubs’ kept coming putting the “SCAPEGOAT” target firmly on her tiny back.

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