david roy williams
david roy williams

As part of Melbourne’s Electronic Music scene in 1983/4, Second Glance burned bright for a few short months before disappearing again. One song emanated from the Mk2 line-up of David Roy Williams and Warwick Marks in 1984 on the Signal To Noise Set – a compilation of Melbourne artists released by the English Only A Revolution label in association with Mute Records. That song, “Shackles and Chains”, has since been acclaimed a classic of the 80’s synth-pop era.

During their short existence, David and Warwick commenced work on an album which remained unfinished until the early 2000’s when German label Genetic contacted Williams and asked for a track to be included on the 3LP Reminiscent box of electronic artists. The album was duly finished and promptly put back on the shelf. 

Now, more than 35 years after recordings first commenced, Second Glance is finally releasing “Piano” – 10 tracks of Kraftwerk and OMD influenced angst-ridden melodic synth-pop. The album also includes covers of Philip Glass and Donovan and with 80’s retro-culture back at the forefront of fashion and music culture, “Piano” features a sound that’s found its way back on to modern day dance floors. 

Hopefully, the next one won’t take another 35 years. 

Bandcamp Link

This is the only place to get the album from now until July 3 when it is released on streaming services.


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