Motorcycle Adventure Rides: How to Pack for Your Journey

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gray and silver cruiser motorcycle near green grass lawn 1 1

Are you looking forward to your motorcycle adventure this year? Of course you are, especially after being locked inside your home for this long! While you’re probably super excited to embark, you still want your trip to be safe and comfortable. No matter where you’re planning to ride your bike this year, you will definitely need a good packing strategy that will allow you to take all your necessities with you. Here are some of the best packing tips that will ensure you have a good motorcycle adventure ride. 

Pack enough water

Depending on where you’re traveling, getting to drinking water can range from super easy to super tricky. Since you want to stay hydrated at all times, you need to have at least two or three liters of water with you at all times. Additionally, it might be annoying having to stop every time you get thirsty, so investing in a hydration pack might be a great idea. These bladders are basically backpacks with a water storage built-in. Get those with long hoses that hang over your shoulder, so you can sip whenever you feel thirsty or tired. 

Don’t forget about warm clothing

Riding on a bike can get cold, especially if you hit some areas with capricious weather. Investing in high-quality waterproof riding gear is definitely a must, especially if you’re planning to take a longer trip. And make sure not to be cheap when it comes to rain gear.

Water is tricky and it can not only permeate your clothing but also slide in around your collar, gloves and waistline. If you need some product recommendations, most bikers love clothing made with GORE-TEX since it’s breathable yet resistant to rain. Pure rubber or plastic clothing items will trap all perspiration and make you just as cold as the elements outside. 

Get some extra storage

motorcycle adventure rides: how to pack for your journey

Backpacks are practical and comfortable, but they can only fit so much of your stuff, and for a longer ride, you need everything from clothing and hygiene products to gadgets and tools. If you still don’t have side bags or extra fuel containers, you might want to get them now. Before you start shopping for bags and tanks, you will need a reliable rack. 

Luckily, it’s easy to find sturdy motorcycle pannier racks online, so you can pack well and go an extra mile without having to stop for fuel. If you’re unsure about the model, it’s best to invest in racks that can take soft bags and Rotopax. 

Invest in a good tent

If you’re planning to sleep outside (most real adventurers do), you know you need a comfy tent. While you can probably figure out the size of your tent by yourself, it’s important to mention that you should always aim a little bigger. For safety and practicality, you will want your riding gear and bags inside with you, so a one-person tent won’t be enough. 

Most riders are perfectly satisfied with sturdy dome models that are easy to put up and hold their ground very well in both rain and wind. Pro tip: if this is your first time using your new tent, make sure to try it out at home and see how it works. 

Stay fed 

Riding on an empty stomach will only make you grumpy and moody, so you’ll need to have some cooking gear that will ensure you can make breakfast and drink a hot cup of coffee in the morning. While you can rely on campfire, it’s best to have a small fuel-powered burner at hand’s reach. A good multi-fuel model that can run on white gas, kerosene or motorcycle fuel is your best option since you’ll always have at least one of these fuels available. 

Think of security

If you’re planning on doing some hiking during the day or if you need to fill out some border paperwork, your bike will need to stay unattended. Unless you’re fine with saying without your bags or even your entire bike, it’s best to invest in a good security system. If you’re traveling with a partner, a sturdy U-lock will keep your bikes tide together, but if you’re a solo rider, a disc lock with an alarm system is a good choice.  

When you’re packed like this, you’re more than ready to feel the wind on your face and freedom in your heart. Adventure awaits, rider—you just need to be ready to embrace it!

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