Shopping for a new home is likely going to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. You’re about to start a new chapter, and all that’s left to do is find the dream home in which you’ll make many beautiful memories. 

An abundance of property purchasing options may present themselves, and one of them is purchasing land and shopping for building company premade plans. You can decide on the type of home you want by looking at a plan, then viewing display homes to find one that you know will suit your needs. 

However, before you sign on the dotted line, it’s worth keeping the following information in mind while visiting a display home. 

Your Land Type

The most convenient thing about display homes is that you get to see how a layout feels before you decide to purchase the plan. This isn’t possible when you’re looking at a piece of paper. 

While visiting, keep the land you purchased in mind. Not all display homes suit all orientations, slopes, or street frontages. If you have a particular display home and floor plan in mind, send your preferred building company information about your land. They can confirm whether the property style you’ve chosen will work in harmony with the land. 

You also have to consider any easements that may impact where the house is built. 

Look Past Fixtures and Styling

Most display homes are kitted out with the most gorgeous fixtures, appliances, and styling so that you can see what’s possible when you decide to build from a plan. While you can ask for everything you see inside the home, you can also upgrade or downgrade, depending on your budget and preferences. 

You may not like the large chandelier in the entranceway or the appliances in the kitchen, and that’s okay. When you buy a house from a plan, you have complete freedom to customize it as you wish. 

Consider Your Budget

The average new house is selling for $443,200 in the United States, but this average isn’t necessarily your budget. When you make an appointment to visit a display home, think about how much money you have to spend on a house once you’ve deducted the price of the land. 

This information can help you narrow down your pool of potential options while also giving your builder ideas and a range within which to work. If you love the layout of a display home, but it’s slightly out of your price range, they may be able to change features to suit your budget or offer you close alternatives. 

Furniture Matters

One thing you’re often told when visiting display homes is that the furniture doesn’t matter. You’re there to see the floor plan and overall style. While you’re not going to have the same furniture as what is present in the home, it matters more than you think. 

A staged home with furniture gives you insight into how the house can be laid out. If it were bare, it may not be immediately apparent whether a king-size bed would fit in the master bedroom or if you’ll have enough space for a large sofa suite in the living room. 

There is a lot to think about when building or buying a new home, and it’s a process you can’t rush. If you’ve been thinking about building from a plan, it’s worth factoring in the information above so that you can be fully aware of your options.

Picture: Anncapictures/Pixabay 

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