Success in commercial real estate hinges on applying strategic sales tactics that encourage growth. Commercial real estate agents must be innovative and industrious, finding ways to work harder and smarter for the success they desire. Sometimes, you must go beyond the “tried and true” methods to appeal to your target market. 

Many of the top commercial real estate agents share characteristics that propel them upward. Let’s take a moment to examine these similarities and unpack the aspects that will help you outsell your competitors. 

  1. Focus on Your Brand

Branding your commercial real estate business lets your clients know that you’re an expert in your field and that you’re the go-to person when they need something. The right branding will build confidence and trust in your ability to meet your clients’ commercial property investment needs. 

Building your brand involves more than just working hard for your clients. You’ll need to adopt social media habits that connect with your target audience. Make it a point to post regularly on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin to showcase your work and share your enthusiasm for commercial real estate. 

  1. Adopt Creative Marketing Strategies

As a commercial real estate agent, your job is to market to buyers, but it’s also much more involved than that. You need to develop creative marketing strategies that go beyond traditional advertising. 

For example, you should be researching where buyers are looking when they wish to purchase properties so you can develop a plan to get in front of your target audience. Your website is your most effective online marketing tool, so you need to make sure it’s easy to navigate and offers a feature-rich experience for your visitors. 

At a bare minimum, you need to use the latest SEO practices and send out entertaining email newsletters to keep clients and potential buyers in the loop. If you don’t have the time or skills needed to make your website shine, consider enlisting the services of a creative design agency

  1. Don’t Limit Yourself to One Mentor

Most commercial real estate agents have a mentor. While this is a crucial aspect of your growth, don’t limit yourself to just one. Other seasoned agents also have plenty of great advice to offer. 

Technology makes it easier than ever to connect with people all over the world, so make an effort to reach out to other professionals, even if they live across the globe. 

  1. Invest in Yourself and Your Business

Your education and growth as a commercial real estate agent should never end. The more you invest in your continued education and the latest technology, the more growth and success you’re bound to enjoy. Take the time to learn new things and listen to your clients to understand how to better serve their needs. Investing in yourself and the future of your business will give you a strong competitive edge. 

  1. Specialize to Add Value

Commercial real estate spans everything from offices to industrial sites. To offer the most value to your clients, consider specializing in just one or two sectors of the industry. This is especially important if you’re selling in a large city or metropolitan area. Specializing in a single type of commercial real estate will establish you as an expert in your sector, which will help build your brand and drive investors in your direction when they need your expertise. 

Success in commercial real estate can be measured by an agent’s ability to market effectively to the right audience. By following the advice above, you’ll share similar characteristics with some of the top commercial real estate agents in the world. 

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