Europe’s CoolPlanet and Australia’s Climatech Zero extend partnership to assist Australian mining with energy transition, decarbonisation and smart light electric vehicles

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CoolPlanet has extended its long-term partnership with Australian energy transition specialist Climatech Zero, to facilitate the electrification of light vehicles used in mines and elevate vehicle safety standards. At the same time, Climatech Zero will use its data analysis and engineering skills to accelerate the decarbonisation process within mining operations across Australia.

CoolPlanet licenses its cutting-edge analytics, reporting, and decarbonisation system, CoolPlanetOS exclusively to Climatech Zero in Australia and New Zealand and has signed a new agreement to license its Autonomous Vehicle Operating System (AVOS) to Climatech Zero for the same region. Both systems will be integrated into Huber’s Electric Land Cruisers to be available in Australia. This integration will set the stage for CoolPlanet and Climatech Zero to work with Huber and others to introduce these electric mining vehicles to the Australian market in early 2024, providing a powerful contribution to the mining industry’s carbon footprint reduction initiatives.

CoolPlanet and Climatech Zero expect to sell 200 of the electric Land Cruiser mining vehicles in 2024, a projected 1,000 in 2025 and a further 6,000 in 2026. Australian mines will be able to eliminate diesel particulate matter from light vehicles and maximise safety, which is crucial, considering vehicles account for 28% of all deaths in mining.

The commercial relationship between CoolPlanet and Climatech Zero began in 2018. Both parties have invested significantly to help Australian and New Zealand industry with energy transition generally and decarbonisation in particular. This new chapter will bring their vast engineering experience and technology to the mining sector, ensuring fast, practical solutions are available for mining clients embracing energy transition programs.

Climatech Zero is already providing five Australian mining companies with energy reduction services. In addition to facilitating the purchase of light electric mining vehicles, Climatech Zero will manage servicing and maintenance operations on the ground, ensuring optimal performance and safety standards.

Norman Crowley, founder and Chairman of CoolPlanet, said, “We are fortunate to have a strong, experienced Australian partner in Climatech Zero. We have worked closely with this team for several years and have every confidence in their energy transition skills. The extension of our partnership to the mining sector is exciting and another significant milestone in CoolPlanet’s commitment to driving sustainable solutions in industries that are traditionally energy-intensive.”

Peter O’Connell, CEO and Co-Founder of Climatech Zero, said, “CoolPlanet is a true pioneer in decarbonisation, energy transition, electric vehicles and advanced operating systems that support leading edge engineering. Climatech Zero has replicated their journey in Australia and in New Zealand, and together we are extending those skills to one of our most complex and important industry sectors: mining. We are looking forward to partnering with miners to achieve their challenging energy transition milestones.”

About CoolPlanet

Irish-headquartered CoolPlanet is a global leader in industrial-scale decarbonisation, leveraging technology and world-class engineering expertise to assist complex organisations in achieving net zero emissions at scale. For over 15 years, CoolPlanet’s Decarbonisation Management System has been trusted by some of the world’s largest brands, including Takeda, MSD, Hilton Food Group, Viterra, Bulmers, GE Healthcare, and OI.

About Climatech Zero

Since 2018, Climatech Zero has been guiding Australian organisations through the transition to net zero with a practical and immediate approach to energy management and decarbonisation. With deeply experienced engineering, data analytics and project management teams, Climatech Zero delivers carefully planned, self-funding solutions. Climatech Zero guarantees the outcomes of its energy transition projects, enabling clients to rapidly reduce energy usage and achieve cost savings.


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