Everything You Should Know About Motocross Helmets and Other Gear 

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Motocross is an adventurous sport. It is full of challenges. You take out your dirt bike from the garage and get ready to jump on the rough terrain full of dirt and mud. You wind up high in the air and land your bike back on the rough and muddy ground, and play with varying speeds. Now imagine performing all these stunts without wearing a helmet or safety gear? 

Riding your dirt bike without wearing essential protective gear means playing with your life. Why risk your life when you can buy safety gear and wear it before your ride? 

Here is everything to know about motocross gear and why you must buy the same: 

Motocross Helmets: 

It is the most essential motocross gear that protects your head from unwanted injuries. Whether it is a collision or crashes, wearing motocross helmets protect your head in all situations. You can feel comfortable wearing such a helmet if you buy it from the right brand and use a good-quality accessory. 

Motocross helmets are made using composites, Kelvar, carbon, as well as fibreglass. Their role is to absorb shocks upon any crash or collision. Experts suggest buying the helmet of the right size to obtain complete protection.

Motocross Goggles: 

It is extremely important to protect your eyes against external elements while dirt biking. For this reason, buying motocross goggles is a must. These goggles are designed in such a way that they extend protection to the eyes while maintaining clarity for the rider. 

While buying, ensure that they come with proper padding and strap. This arrangement should meet the part of the face and fit it properly. Buy an easy-to-clean pair of goggles to avoid hassle while cleaning and maintaining it. 

Motocross Jersey: 

Riding a dirt bike should be a comfortable experience. Your clothing must be comfortable and well-ventilated. A motocross jersey serves you both purposes. A jersey keeps you comfortable so that you can move your hands freely while riding your dirt bike. 

Along with wearing a Motocross jersey before your adventure, you should also wear a chest protector. A chest protector comes with soft paddings that absorb shock, hence protecting you from getting injured. 

Motocross Gloves: 

Just like the jersey, motocross gloves, too, are an essential gear to add to your arsenal. Motocross gloves are extremely comfortable and lightweight. These gloves help you in improving your grip. An improved grip provides better control of the bike. Thus, you can perform your stunts comfortably. 

These days, motocross gloves also come with added features such as silicone tips on the fingers. Buy from a reliable brand and check the quality of the gloves before spending your money.

Motocross Pants: 

Motocross pants are made using a stretchable, comfortable, and lightweight fabric. It is soft to the skin and doesn’t feel heavy. A good-quality pair of pants will not stop you from making smooth movements. 

Many brands are designing motocross pants in spandex material with an added layering of rubber to provide extra protection. 

Motocross Boots: 

The list of motocross gear and accessories is incomplete without boots. You need a pair of good-quality boots to withstand all the external elements on your way. A variety of motocross boots are available throughout the market. Some of the most needful factors to inspect while buying a pair of boots are shock absorption feature, anti-skid, shin pads, resistance to water, scratches, etc.

Buy the pair of boots according to your biking style to enjoy a hassle-free biking experience. 


Wearing motocross gear is necessary to ensure a safe riding experience. Do not step out for an adventure unless you are fully armed with your protective motocross gear. 

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