FIRE: 48 Major Road, Fawkner 3060

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Police and firefighters were called to CVT at Fawkner this morning, after reports of a ram raid and attempted arson attack.

Upon arrival at approx 4:45am it became apparent that offenders attempted to drive a silver Nissan SUV into the shopfront after lifting the front roller door to expose the glass shop doors.

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The Toorak Times deployed our lead photographer and chief crime reporter, Lord Murray Schoorman of Peak Hour Images direct to the crime scene.

Photos reveal that prior to offender departure, an attempt was made to set the stolen car alight, albeit a lost cause as the fire self-extinguished prior to brigade arrival and only minor damage to the car seats was obvious.

Toorak Times investigations reveal the rego: 1RZ4BY, which comes up to a 2019 SILVER NISSAN WAGON – Listed as STOLEN!

The VIN number is JN1JBAT32A0051057 and the engine number is QR25DE533011M.

The rego is due to expire on 13/04/2024.

The offender abandoned the car before fleeing the scene on foot.
No one was inside at the time of the incident.
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Detectives will investigate whether the damage to the store has any links to other recent similar incidents.

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