FIRE: 78 Jukes Road, Fawkner 3060

PHI 5615

A double story home at 78 Jukes Road, Fawkner 3060 was fully engulfed with fire overnight. Crews from CFA and Fire Rescue Victoria scrambled to the scene to bring the blaze under control as quickly as safely possible.

PHI 5618

Upon hearing of the fire call, The Toorak Times sent our lead photographer and chief crime reporter Lord Murray Schoorman of Peak Hour Images straight to the scene. All images featured here by Peak Hour Images.

PHI 5620
CCTV has been roughed in on several eaves around the premises

It was noted that the home had been retrofitted in a haphazard manner with numerous CCTV cameras prior to this blaze occurring.

PHI 5619PHI 5616

A community advise warning was issued due to smoke in the area.

Following the fire being extinguished, the property has been secured by a temporary fence and a wooden structure has been erected to sure up a perimeter wall along the side footpath. The footpath remains closed to pedestrians.

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