where should you go for brunch this weekend?


I like to call myself the brunch addict. It’s not healthy how much I have it. It’s definitely my favourite meal of the day. So I’m going to share my top 5 with you guys today!

#1 : Kettle Black – South Melbourne
Kettle Black! One of my all time favourite brunches, a good hotcake from Kettle black! They also do a mean coffee and a pretty great hot chocolate. The atmosphere is lovely and the staff are as well!

#2 : Long Story Short – Port Melbourne
The best (and only) Tim tam pancakes in Melbourne! JUST SO GOOD. Also if you want to take the healthy path they do a great salad as well.

#3 : Rustica Canteen – Melbourne CBD
NUTELLA WAFFLES!!!!!! My DREAM come true. The best bread and doughnuts. The breakfast board was also great and the staff were so lovely!!

#4 : Darling Cafe – Toorak
French toast and Waffles, what more does a girl need. So fruity and fresh and there juices are great!! The nicest staff and I always love being there.

#5 : Combi – Elwood
When I need a healthy brunch or to at least feel healthy, Combi is my go to. I love the muesli and the coco banana smoothie!! I also love the avocado on toast and all there juices.

Thanks for reading!

I’ll see you next time,

Charlotte – The Melbourne Foodie?

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