5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche – Fringe Hub : Lithuanian Club – Main Theatre

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I am being stretched by my very cruel and unusual editor Star Trekking me through strange galaxies of entertainment I would not have thought on my radar. Evil beast he is, but having said that I did enjoy being a lesbian called Nancy for the night.

The show started in the foyer as several bouffant-ed ‘50’s something ladies were indicating something about quiche and a meeting. Being a bit deaf when she asked if I was here for the (muffled) I said I’m here for 5 lesbians, she didn’t expect that…I soon got the gist when they applied my name tag to my chest, I was Nancy!

An hilarious what if, the five players, widows of the Susan B Anthony Society For The Sisters Of Gertrude Stein, were coiffed to the max or alternatively dulled down to perfectly match the American ideal women of the time, you know the Mid-Western widows. Expect over acting, caricaturists making large the overwhelming US attitude of the day.

In 1956 the US was building bunkers all over the place to save the population from the threat of nuclear strike from Russia and these women, 50 of them meet to compare their quiches on an annual opening of the quiche season sort of thing, all ‘widows’, apparently. WELL whilst they are all convening in the blast proof, self-sealing atomic bomb shelter in the back yard the typical siren that alerted and alarmed Americans to the ‘threat’ went off, lights flickered, dimmed and died, and then came alive…just like they always do…then BOOOOMMMM!!!

A chicken and egg comedic/ tragedy/ drama that has taken from goddesses of the black and white screen and early TV styling and made them really large characters. The hilarity ensues once the realisation that they were stuck in the bunker allows them to cast of any stereotyping and release their inner lesbian.

I loved the interaction with the audience also with a couple of front row pigeons being used as gags. A wonderfully funny onslaught, go see!

Catherine Alcorn
Lauren Jackson
Ashlee Lollback
Lauren O’Rourke
Bianca Zouppas

Playwrights: Evan LinderAndrew Hobgood



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