Hair Colour Trends in 2020 – Here is what is now hot!

hair colour trends
hair colour trends

So what is 2020 bringing us when it comes to hair colour hot trends? After all, with a new year comes new beginnings and maybe even a new you! This could be the best time to step away from what is comfortable and take inspiration from what is hot right now in the hair colour world. So read what we have discovered for you and take your ideas to your next appointment at your hair salon. Talk to the colourist there about what are the hair colour trends in 2020, and what they think would look great on you. There is something for everyone, whether you want something warm like milk chocolate or something vivid like orchard red!


Silver is still a big colour in 2020. It is a modern take on blonde and is a dramatic colour to change to. Always wanted to look like an ice queen but do not want to go completely silver? Then how about a lovely shade of silver-blonde? There are many different types of silver options to choose from, platinum silver-blonde, silver-blonde ombre, dark silver-blonde, silver highlights in blonde hair, white silver, icy silver and more.

Just make sure you get the right shampoo from your stylist (purple) so that you keep that blonde with undertones of silver working their magic for you. Also if you do not want to have the dark roots look you will need to make regular trips to your colourist to have them touched up.

Rich reds

Red hair is going to be everywhere you look this year. From warm undertones to rich colours to something more vibrant. We saw some red in 2019 but nothing likes it’s going to be, so get ready. In particular look for the shade orchard red, a shade of red that has undertones of auburn with golden copper too. Several famous colourists, including Karissa Schaudt and George Papanikolas agree. You can make your hair look richer with this colour but keep in mind that it does take more effort to maintain it as reds do tend to fade more quickly than other colours.


If you are looking for some very different but not bold or dark you might want to try lilac as your next hair colour. Lilac is a pastel shade of purple and lilac hair has silvery tones to it. It especially suits people with paler skin but can make a statement even if you do not have a fair complexion. Lilac was around in 2019, and it is here to stay as one of the top hair colour trends in 2020. It is a very attractive colour but will need some special care to ensure it stays fresh and does not fade or yellow.

Dip dye ends

Dip dye ends are just as it suggests where your colourist dips the ends of your hair into your choice of colour so just the tips are coloured. You can dye your hair another colour and then dip the ends, or you could keep your natural colour and dip dye. Some methods allow you to do this at home if you want to save some money, though results will vary depending on how good you are at it! It is a great way to add some bright colour to your look without dying the whole head of hair. It is popular with a lot of celebrities and continues to be so into 2020.

Shadow roots

Shadow roots are the deliberate process of colouring your roots darker than the colour your hair is everywhere else. The name comes from creating a shadow at the roots that then contrasts with the rest of your hair. Some colourists suggest that the best look is to have a pale blonde hair colour and then very dark roots, but it can be done with most hair colours apart from those that are already dark. Shadow roots are easy to maintain, look great and add a great dimension. You might create the look because you love it, or you might lean into it as your roots start to grow out from a previous colour you had done.

Chocolate browns

Chocolate shades of brown are another colour trend to look forward to in hair colour trends in 2020. You can opt for a rich chocolate brown and then add lighter tones to keep it full of life. This year avoid blonde highlights and use more natural lighter brown tones to add body and lift. Dark brunettes look to add a paler lift to add dimension and soften. Your hair will have a natural look if you prefer not to look like you dye your hair. Copper tones and caramel highlights combined with a chocolate brown hair colour base looks low key but extremely attractive. You can look after those highlights with a shine spray.

Honey Blonde

If you are looking to go blonde in 2020 and you are not wanting the silver look you might want to consider the honey blonde look. This is a colour that is more golden yellow than white and those honey tones add warmth to the colour. To stop that colour from looking more brassy you need to look after it with a good shampoo that is sulphate free.


There are hair colour trends in 2020 that will suit everyone, you just have to find the best for you. Whether you want to make a big change and a dramatic statement, or you want to go for something more subtle there is a hair colour for you. The biggest thing 2020 is bringing are strong and bold tones. Just keep in mind that if you are going from a dark colour to a light one it will take a few visits to your salon. Also maintaining any colour takes some commitment, but some styles take more care than others. Keep your hair healthy and enjoy yourself!


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