How to Eat Healthy When You Have a Busy Schedule

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Many of us lead such busy lives that we barely have time to eat during the workday. However, we have to make up for the calories in the evening, which is when we’re starving and mostly making unhealthy food choices. So how do you break that vicious circle and finally improve our diets? Here are a few easy tips to follow if you want to eat healthier on a busy schedule:

Whip up a quick breakfast

For most people, the most chaotic part of the day is the morning when they rush to get ready, go to work and start their workday. This is why many of us often skip breakfast or replace it with something not very healthy and nutritious like coffee or muffin. However, a good breakfast can get your body ready for the day and provide you with the energy to face challenges and avoid temptation until lunch. To make your breakfasts easy to prepare, you can come up with a few quick options, such as Greek yoghourt with fruit and probiotics or a smoothie with spinach and banana. The best thing about these breakfast options is that you can eat them on the go while you’re commuting, waiting for transportation, etc. You’ll get a nice immune boost and fill your stomach with nutritious things.

Set a reminder

If you plan everything, why not plan your meals? When making your daily agenda, put your lunch and snacks in there, so you don’t forget to eat. When you see food on your daily schedule, you will be reminded many times a day to snack, no matter how busy you are around the office.

Make healthy choices with food delivery

Sometimes, you really don’t have time to wait until you get from work to start cooking a homemade meal. In that case, you still don’t have to resort to fast food! Today, you can find amazing meal delivery services that allow you to order food from top restaurants and get meals delivered to your home. These meals can be very diverse, and you can even enjoy an authentic boscaiola in Sydney if you feel like eating chef-made pasta at home far away from Italy. These meals will wait for you in your fridge, so you can simply heat them up when you get home and enjoy quality food filled with nutrients. This way, you can always have amazing food at home that will be a healthy treat after a long day at work.

Pick a light lunch

If you’re a hard worker, then lunch can seriously impact your day. It happens in the middle of your workday, so it needs to be planned well. In many cases, restaurant business lunches can fill you up with too many calories, resulting in a sluggish rest of the day. A good choice, on the other hand, is a salad you can prepare at home in less than 10 minutes. If you have your own dressing, you can minimise calories yet maximise nutrients, vitamins, minerals and good fats. A salad with veggies, some protein and a bit of carb (quinoa, low-fat pretzel, whole wheat crackers, etc.) is a great idea.

Snack smart

If you need to get something into your system fast, you will probably reach for a nice snack. This is not a bad habit, but it greatly depends on what you’re snacking on. Even if you manage to avoid chips and other junk food, you still need to keep an eye on snack portions. To do that easily, pre-make your snacks at home, measure out the portions and pack them individually. This will prevent overeating and you’ll still get enough nutrients into your body.

Drink water instead of coffee

Coffee is a go-to drink for most busy workers. It can keep you energised and even full, but water should be your main drink throughout the day. Water keeps your body toxin-free, your energy high and your stomach full. Invest in a good reusable bottle and take it with you everywhere. Ensure to finish at least two or three bottles—it’s healthier and cheaper than Starbucks and you don’t have to waste time on preparation and takeout.

Have a walking snack break

If you want to eat healthily and maybe even lose a few pounds in the process, it’s necessary to boost your physical activity. To give your body and brain the energy it needs, you can’t rely on snacking alone—you need to move. Here’s a great idea: if you have a bunch of calls to make, take a walk-and-talk break. If you have a snack to finish, grab your snack portion and go on a little walk around the office or around the building. This way, you’ll clear your head, refuel your body, enjoy the fresh air and get plenty of steps in.

You don’t have to choose between your career and wellness. If you follow these tips above, you can improve your diet and still stay true to your work tasks.

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