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How To Get The Best Seats For An AFL Match 


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Watching a football game live is a thrilling experience any fan would appreciate. However, it can be challenging to score tickets to an AFL match, especially if you want to watch the game from a good spot. Since tickets are limited per section, you should be smart when buying your tickets to get good seats for a reasonable price.

Here are tips if you want to score the best location for an AFL game: 

Find A Club Membership 

One way you can buy good tickets is by joining a club. In some cases, AFL teams offer varying memberships to their fans with perks on game tickets. You can take advantage of these if you’re rooting for a specific team and want to watch their games. Booking your tickets through membership will save you the trouble of finding good seats in the stadium. Furthermore, the seats you want may not sell as fast if you’re booking with a membership as buying them through the main ticketing site.  

Besides good seats, you may also get additional perks when purchasing your game tickets through a membership. For instance, you can stay in the MCG corporate boxes, which have a great view of the field, and eat a complimentary meal before the game if you’re a club member.  

Overall, becoming a club member will make your game-watching experience more memorable and fun. For one, you’ll score excellent spots in the stadium where you can clearly see the game. Additionally, you won’t worry about getting a seat whenever your team plays. So, try to search for good club packages before checking out your game tickets.  

Monitor Ticket Sale Schedule  

One easy way to get a great seat for an AFL game is by booking it as soon as it’s for sale. Like you, other fans could also be eagerly waiting for tickets to be available so they can choose their seats in the stadium. If you wait too long before you book your tickets, the sections you want to get may be unavailable. Hence, you should know the schedule of the games you want to watch and when their ticket sale starts.  

For instance, if you’re booking your seats online, you should go to the ticketing website as soon as the seats are available. This option is more convenient since you can select the area you want before checking out. Overall, it only takes a few minutes to acquire your tickets. 

However, if you’re booking your stadium seats through a third-party website, you should ensure it’s an authorized ticket seller. Keep in mind that purchasing AFL game tickets is similar to shopping online. You need to check whether the payment gateway is secure and the transaction confirmation is legitimate before entering your personal information. This way, you won’t risk getting scammed for fake game tickets.  

how to get the best seats for an afl match 
Fans celebrating the success of their favorite sports team on the stands of the professional stadium while it’s snowing. Stadium is made in 3D. 

Check The Stadium Layout 

Once you know where to buy your tickets, the next thing you need to do is to check the stadium layout. Different venues will have varying seating arrangements and setups. If you pick your seat without knowing the location, you may end up in one with a poor view.  

In some stadiums, sitting in the middle rows is ideal since you can see the entire field without being too close to it. You can prioritize seats in this section if you want to stay in a great area during the game. Additionally, you should think about other things, like the location of the LED screen, stairs, and restroom when choosing your seats. Pick a spot that’d be convenient for you to watch the game without any problem or distraction.  

Save Up Before A Match 

It’s not unusual for prime seats to cost more than those in the general admission area. After all, you’d get a better football experience if you have a good location in a stadium. If you have a limited budget for tickets, attending each game and sitting in an excellent spot may not be ideal. So, it may be better to save your money and wait for matches you’re really looking forward to. 

Saving up before the games you want to watch will provide more options when choosing seats. You can book your tickets in a good section even if they cost a little more.  

Final Thoughts  

Acquiring excellent seats during an AFL game can be a challenge. For one, there are limited slots for every section, and you’re competing for tickets with many other football fans. However, following some tips like getting a football membership or booking your tickets as soon as they’re available may increase your chances of scoring the best location for an AFL match.  

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