Hunter Valley Unplugged: Embarking on an Authentic Australian Wine Country Experience


We all need a welcome change from our daily routines. Stepping out of our cities and comfort zones, embarking on a road trip or a new adventure and experiencing something new is the secret to a happy life. Australia has no shortage of landmarks and incredible natural vistas to see, and Hunter Valley is its prime spot. Within, you’ll experience world-class wines, dashing natural sights, and exciting activities, all within a few miles apart. The sooner you start packing, the sooner your adventure can begin!

1. Experience the glamour of glamping

Who said camping has to be in a tent, with minimum luxury and convenience? Glamping is the latest trend sweeping across Hunter Valley, where you can enjoy all the benefits of camping but with style. Eco-friendly and portable homes, fully equipped with beds, bathrooms, stoves and other utilities that make life easier are all included. The nature of Hunter Valley is beautiful, and once you’ve spent one-night glamping under starlight, you’ll never camp differently again.

2. Sample world-class wines

We’ve gone a paragraph without mentioning the wines of Hunter Valley, which must change now! Hunter Valley and wines are synonyms, and you are bound to do wine-tasting while there. Vineyards are all around you, rustic homes with a long winemaking tradition are open for visitors, and you have to choose is: red or white. When people say wines, they usually refer to French as the best, but Hunter Valley will prove them wrong. Due to its location and natural predispositions, the wines from Hunter Valley are world-class and mark Australia on the global wine map. All the more reason to visit each estate and wine taste some of the best options available.

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3. Explore the land

Traversing Hunter Valley and seeing all it has to offer, takes time, but it’s well worth it. Hidden away from the world, Hunter Valley offers plenty of chances to fill your photobook with natural vistas and sights that take your breath away. You can go over Hunter Valley in a balloon or a small plane. Or ride through the vineyards on a horse! You can take a kayak or a bike and explore the countryside. Whatever choice you make you’ll need to unwind somewhere and prepare for your next adventure. Accommodations on Unwind Hunter Valley gives you a resting point, and a chance to enjoy the tranquility of the valley. Mixing downtime with excitement is the secret spice of Hunter Valley.

4. Sample gourmet food

Speaking of secret spices, variety and mouthwatering adventures, Hunter Valley has a food menu besides its wine menu. You have to pair those delicious wines with something, and the food options present will surely fill in the gap. Honey-glazed meat, locally sourced, paired with vegetables, olives and cheese. Wine and cheese are a match made in heaven, where Hunter Valley excels because all of its food is grown domestically, right in front of your eyes. Deserts for those with a sweet tooth are also present in abundance, making Hunter Valley a mecca for foodies. You’ll need energy for all those adventures, so stack up!

5. Hunter Valley Zoo and Garden

For visitors wishing for a more curated experience, the two safe choices are Hunter Valley Zoo and its Garden Park. The zoo is ideal for families, allowing you and your kids to experience the diversity of wildlife first-hand, learning about animals in the process. Hunter Valley Zoo has a very hands-on approach with animals, and you’ll be able to pet and mingle with some.

Afterwards, you can get lost in a different maze, one filled with flora. Hunter Valley Garden is home to a million plant tips, and you can fact-check that number while walking. Or you can take a ride on the train! Hunter Valley Garden sprawl on 14 hectares, complete with a putt-putt golf course and aqua golf. If you’re a fan of aquatic rides, you can also slide down the Superslide and spin on the Ferris wheel.

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6. Spoil yourself at a spa

Spas in Hunter Valley provide all the commodities we’ve mentioned so far. You can taste wines, pair them with chocolate and cheeses, have gourmet meals, and enjoy your day at the spa. Spa centres provide Asian massages, bubble baths, meditative experiences and gourmet meals. Treating your whole body and each of your senses while in Hunter Valley is how people fall in love and return. The scenery may be a cure for your eyes, hearth and soul, and the wines and food are good for the body, but a day at any of Hunter Valley spa centres is a complete experience, putting the cherry on top of your visit.

To find beauty and wonder, Aussies don’t need to travel abroad. Australia has gems, scattered all around and waiting for us to find them. While they may be hidden, it’s that veil of secrecy that makes them so unique. Right next to Sydney lies Hunter Valley, a testament that you can have an unforgettable time without leaving your backyard. Plenty of those who came once stayed as residents or became regular guests. And we believe you will fall in love and into one of these categories after your first visit.

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