Best stopovers from the UK to Australia to spice up your journey 

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If you want to travel to Australia but don’t want to sit on a direct flight of up to 19 hours, then you might want to consider a few stopovers to have time to recharge your batteries and get used to the different time zones around nine hours difference. If you’re not used to this type of travel, you might experience jet lag, a frequent sleep problem that occurs after you’ve travelled across different time zones. Its symptoms include fatigue, lack of focus, stomach problems and sudden mood changes. 

So, if your budget is more permissive and you have enough time to spend on travelling, it would be best to choose a few stopovers on your way to Australia. You will experience unique things and have enough time to recover from strenuous flights. 

Singapore is the country with a botanic garden that is a World Heritage Site 

Singapore is an excellent stopover on your way to Australia. It’s a city where you can get around easily, it’s safe, and most importantly, the food is cheap and delicious. You have many things to visit, such as impressive city centres and many events. Still, the most remarkable spot is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a botanic garden whose historical significance has its roots back to the time of British colonialism. 

Remember that when you’re travelling by plane, you still have to carry a lot of baggage with your belongings. So, instead of calling a taxi to reach the airport, you can get your car, leave it at a safe parking lot you can book at and ensure you’re finding it on your way back to the UK and don’t have to worry about transport. 

Dubai, the country of wealth and luxury 

Another great stopover is in Dubai, where you’ll get to see some of the most luxurious spots, eat at lavish restaurants and live like a true royal. The city is not that extensive, so you can go from one place to another on foot, and since the weather is quite pleasant, your walks will be the best. 

The landmarks of Dubai include the artificial islands of The Palm Jumeirah, a great man-made structure of the Creek region, which is connected to the port so you can have a river cruise between the Deira and Bur Dubai areas. 

If you, too, are worried about how well you’ll get around Australia upon reaching your destination, know you can book an airport parking spot in Sydney and also car hire, so you’ll only get the key and get going. Don’t worry; these places are safe and will provide you with fair prices, considering you’ll save time. 

Tokyo is a city known for historic shrines and the latest technology 

Tokyo is one of the best places in the world that is worth exploring thoroughly. However, to get a brief glimpse of the city, add it as your stopover. Getting around in one of the busiest cities in the world might be overwhelming, but we promise you it’s an experience like no other. 

If you’re into fashion, you need to visit Harajuku, a region in Toyo where fashionistas of all ages walk around the area dressed in the most impressive outfits, from traditional kimonos to goth-loli clothes. The street is also filled with food stalls where you can enjoy delicious meals while admiring people’s unique clothing styles. 

You should also visit the Sensoji Temple, Tokyo’s most essential and oldest temple. It’s a spiritual location with more than 30 million visitors annually, so you should expect it to be crowded. 

However, what truly encapsulates the Tokyo experience is roaming around the cherry trees, a national gem of the city. Usually, the cherry season is forecasted at the beginning of the year, but it frequently occurs from March to early April. 

The Cook Islands is the most beautiful archipelago 

The Cook Islands consists of 15 islands in the South Pacific, and it’s easy to reach if you stop in Auckland. Among the multiple locations, one of the most remarkable is the island of Rarotonga, the capital of the islands. Everyone can speak English, but the people’s primary language is Māori. 

The place is truly one of a kind, with white sandy beaches and massive palm trees between bright blue lagoons. If you’re into diving, you’ll see some of the most colourful coral reefs here. The best season for visiting is from April to June when there’s less humidity. 

Besides visiting, you can do many things in Rarotonga, from golfing at the Rarotonga Golf Club to diving among the shipwrecks and underwater canyons. The locals are friendly, so you’ll have their full support to explore the island’s beauties. 

The challenge of surviving long layovers and taking advantage of stopovers 

Long layovers can sometimes be the worst, as you’ll get tired and frustrated easily. However, there are ways to make them bearable. For example, you can look for transfer hotels in the area to take a quick shower and maybe nap to prepare for the next flight.

At the same time, if your budget allows it, try the local cuisine as much as possible. Usually, there are restaurants in the airport where you’ll stay, and their food selection usually consists of traditional to basic meals. Still, not all airports have affordable meals, so if you have time, consider taking a short trip to the nearest local food shop.

If you want to organise your trip better, you can research more about the country you’re having the stopover or the following to immerse yourself in the culture and tradition. After all, you can get over the stereotypes of a nation and learn about the customs and unique aspects of the people there. We assure you that Asian and Australian civilisations will amaze you. 

Final considerations 

If you want to visit Australia and are travelling from the UK, planning your trip with plenty of stopovers to unwind and relax after many hours of flying would be best. Therefore, we recommend some of the best stopovers between these countries to make the most of your adventure.

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