Impressionism at a Glance

ani impr
ani impr

Impressionism at a Glance

The impressionist’s purpose was to capture the momentary, sensory effect of a scene – the impression – Objects are seen in a fleeting instant and to achieve these effects many Impressionist artists moved from their studio outwards into the streets, the seaside or countryside painting,  en plein air.  

The resultant dramatic effect arresting a fleeting moment in time is well understood in the study of such masters as Monet and his contemporaries.

Impressionism is well demonstrated by a number of the Artists in Gallery 247 and a search in impression art for sale reveals many fine examples.

Hot Summer Afternoon by Louis Sauzier is alive with Impressionist shadows, and subtle light values

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An engaging conversation is Very Bright in Autumn, which is full of vibrant suggestions by artist Glenda Cornell

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Sea Breeze by Li Zhou defines a beach moment letting the imagination take control

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Christopher Orr‘s Talbot Sunday Market is alive with action but nothing is defined in this image of people engaging in doing what they do best, looking and shopping.

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