The Odd Friday Lunch Emma Carney Fri 15th

EmmaCarney 1
EmmaCarney 1

The last Odd Friday Lunch with Peter Hudson was another very popular and successful lunch. Unfortunately it was a little too popular, and we did not manage or cope as well as we should have. Apologies to the few who were inconvenienced and disappointed – we have learnt, and are implementing changes and improvements accordingly.

We have another Odd Friday Lunch scheduled – on Friday 15th. A world champion triathlete and inductee to the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. She will make for a very interesting guest, and finally another female as per some requests. See attached for further detail.

We hope to schedule the Lunches a bit more frequently now, and have some exciting prospects.

As you know, the “Odd Friday Lunches” were held every Odd dated Friday, so feel free to attend when you have the inclination. Its not a club but come along and enjoy a good lunch, a few drinks and good company. There will be something different each lunch, but it will consistently provide a special menu at a good price, good company, fun and a sense of belonging.

We may not be running them every Odd Friday for a while, watch for the invites! 

More Information – TOFLEmmaCarney

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