In Tents Thawts April 2006

Downer Fishnets
Downer Fishnets

Downer On Hot Coles

I hope they take the fishnets off before they skewer dear Alexander on the slow-burn political spit. He is in for a most uncomfortable time.

The bastards!!! Just when a bloke gets well and truly over Labor they go and show themselves up for the shifty creatures that they are really. The Cole Inquiry has brought to light some of the more interesting asides in the war against terror, those of the terrible ends that business will go to chase a profit. In the light of the Telstra sell off it is an untimely reminder of what can happen to perfectly good government companies that have been sold to private interests.

Well I won’t be voting for any of the bastards, so I have to hope that a suitable Independent stands in the electorate in which I live or cop a fine for not voting.

Gawd Derwent, What Now?

I have a hunch there is something rotten in the state of Derrynmark. Isn’t it a shame that the can’t keep himself out of the press? What shame have you brought to the 4th estate now Daryl, and it would be a shame if the truth did not come out? Saw the pictures of you and your missus, handy that you fit snugly under her chin like that Derza .

Cartoon Wars

Finally the truth is out! Political cartoonists DO drive public opinion and beset politicians. But what is going on? Minor cartoonists are trying to lift there values by attracting attention to themselves by going past reasonable boundaries, instead of inspiring people to think about life et al, making sensational and inflammatory personal comment and insults.

They are nowhere near original on the Australian cartoonist radar though. Back in 1979/80 the Australasian Weed published a cartoon that had Bob Hawke doggy style taking it like a girl form a Rabbi whilst providing fellatio for an Arab sheik… and that was when he was the head of the Labour movement!

Bill Leak won’t be travelling to Asia for a while I would imagine. Anyway I reckon all these cartoonist should have a good, long, hard look at themselves, except ours of course!

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