Listen To Older Voices: Jack Levi – Part 3

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Welcome to Listen To Older Voices, a program produced by Rob Greaves and podcast through the Toorak Times and Tagg

listen to older voices: jack levi – part 2
Jack Levi – [CLICK to enlarge]


This is the 3rd and final program featuring the story of Jack Levi – aka Elliot Goblet.




In the previous two programs we have learned that Jack was born in 1950 in Melbourne to parents who arrived from Egypt in the late 1940’s.

We have learned that Jack is an intelligent man who was very studious and who gained a degree in computer programming at Melbourne University and who went on to work for several years in the 1970’s in that role.

However, eventually what might be thought of as his true nature shone through when he found success as a deadpan comedian, and so it was that his alter-ego, Elliot Goblet, was born.

listen to older voices: jack levi – part 2
Elliot Goblet – [CLICK to enlarge]


Among his many TV appearances were the “Daryl Somers show” where his success found him as a regular on “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” and through this exposure he gained work and fame both nationally and internationally.

In this last program, Jack reflects on the importance he pays to staying fit and healthy and he draws upon the philosophies of his mother, that he discussed in
part 1.

We also discuss his response to the COVID lockdowns and how he copped and how, as a result, he has become a little more choosy about what gigs he takes on but, at the same time how he is currently working quite consistently.

listen to older voices: jack levi – part 2
Jack often works as an Emcee – [CLICK to enlarge]


We also discuss Jack’s thoughts on a wide range of topics from contemporary politics through to the role that social organisations, like the Les Twentyman and the Father Bob Maguire Foundation play.  These are two organisations that Jack and Elliot, have and continue to support.

listen to older voices: jack levi – part 2
Jack with Les Twentyman – [CLICK to enlarge]

We finish up with Jack looking into the future as it might be for himself and Elliot.

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