Listen To Older Voices: Simon Rashleigh – Part 2

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listen to older voices: simon rashleigh – part 2
Simon in his group Illustration – [CLICK to enlarge]


Welcome to the second part of the 4-part Listen To Older Voices program featuring the Life and Times of Simon Rashleigh.





In the previous program we learned that Simon grew up with a strong desire for a higher education but ended up with a short-lived apprenticeship, However, this turn of events opened up a pathway into the world bands and music retail and music promotion.

In this program Simon talks about how his progressive rock band, poised for success, was overtaken by the fast moving 1970’s Punk Music genre. As a result Simon moves away from music and moves into a more corporate type business. The problem was, music kept beckoning.

It wasn’t long before Simon was tempted back to front several groups, one of which was Schism, a Melbourne band that promised to really explode onto the music scene. However, yet again a lack of any real financial return coupled with a range of other issues forced Simon once more out of the performance side of the music business.

listen to older voices: simon rashleigh – part 2
Simon in the later version of his group Schism – [CLICK to enlarge]


However, Simon works really hard and moves into the record business with a position with Festival records. This position leads him to sharing strong connections with artists such as Alice Cooper and Neil Diamond.

listen to older voices: simon rashleigh – part 2
Simon with Alice Cooper – [CLICK to enlarge]


For us, this means some fascinating stories.

listen to older voices: simon rashleigh – part 2
Simon with Neil Diamond – [CLICK to enlarge]

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