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Car Sale
Car Sale

Australia’s car market is robust, and so is the market in Brisbane. Whether you’re a first-time seller or have the experience of offloading your used car before, it’s important to do the process smoothly with the least challenges facing you as well as getting the best deal possible.

In Australia’s third largest city you can find all sorts of cars, from sedans and SUVs to utes and luxury vehicles. The market is dynamic and you need to be understanding of your buyer’s needs, the competitive landscape, and the details of the local market in Brisbane.

This article guides you through all the ups and downs of selling a used car in the active, competitive car market of Brisbane. We’ll journey together through the essentials, exploring topics such as vehicle valuation, acquiring safety certificates, and even tackling the often-complex paperwork involved. Ready? Let’s hit the road.

What paperwork do I need to sell my car in Brisbane?

According to official website of Queensland Government when you sell your vehicle you need to make sure:

  • you have a current inspection certificate (unless the vehicle is exempt from needing one).
  • you give the buyer’s copy and registration transfer copy of the inspection certificate, or for an electronic certificate, a copy of the certificate or the certificate number. The new owner cannot transfer the registration without an inspection certificate, and you will remain liable for any tolls and fines for a vehicle registered in your name. There are also on-the-spot fines for not giving a current inspection certificate to the new owner when selling a vehicle.
  • if your vehicle has gas fuel systems or other gas systems, you will need to get a gas certificate from an authorised gas installer—the issue date for your gas certificate must not be more than 3 months old when the registration is transferred.

The website continues to state that If the registration is currently paid by direct debit, make sure you remove the registration from your direct debit so a payment is not deducted after you have sold your vehicle.

Scared or Confused? Well you’re right to be either scared or confused or even both as taking care of the paperworks seems really tricky. Don’t even let us get started on what you should do if your car is unregistered or If the vehicle is in an unsafe condition or otherwise defective.

You wish there was a saviour to rescue you from all the legal process? The good news is that there actually exists a saviour. Junk Car Removal will offer top cash on the spot for your used car and will handle all the paperwork for you. You only need to show the team Copy of your driver’s licence. Copy of the car’s registration certificate and Signed vendor’s statement and everything else will be taken care of. Simply reach them at 0483-333-444 and see it yourself.

How can I determine the value of my car?

Well. the valuation of your car depends on different factors such as:

●       age

●       mileage

●       make and model

●       General condition

●       Engine and transmission

●       The vehicle’s background and registration

●       its features

There are some online valuations tools which you can enter details of your can in and give you an approximate price like this site Another way to have a rough estimation for you is to visit listing websites and see how much similar vehicles to yours are worth. You can also get quotes from some dealerships and compare the prices they offer you.

How can I advertise my car for sale effectively?

There are different ways to sell your used car in Brisbane. Online Marketplaces, auction websites, car dealership, social media and word of mouth are some means of selling your car. If you choose any of those ways mentioned above there are some issues in the eyes of the potential buyers that you need to address. You need to assure the buyer that your car is not faulty and is in good condition. You can take some pictures from different angles to cover interior and exterior parts of the vehicle in order to help the buyer see your claim with their own eyes.

Another point which can accelerate the decision-making phase of a potential buyer is to prove you have all the paperwork ready and the transferring process would not be interrupted by you at all.

How does the process of transferring ownership work in Brisbane?

You can do it online but you have to follow the rules in order to be able to use the online service. According to the official website of Queensland Government you may be eligible to transfer the registration out of your name with their online service.This transaction can be made as soon as you sell your vehicle, but must be within 14 days from the date of sale.

Other regulations as mentioned in the official website of Queensland Government are as followed:

  • transferring your vehicle registration to 1 person only, who has a Queensland driver licence or customer reference number—registrations cannot be transferred online to more than 1 person or to an organisation
  • not claiming an exemption from providing a safety certificate.

You cannot use this service if your vehicle or boat:

  • is currently under a Number Plate Confiscation Notice issued by the Queensland Police Service
  • is subject to enforcement action by the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER)
  • is fitted with a gas fuel system or other gas system (for vehicles only)
  • has personalised plates attached
  • is registered with a purpose of use other than private or commercial
  • is conditionally registered
  • is a bus or minibus
  • is mobile machinery
  • is a special interest vehicle


Selling a used car seems like a tricky process in Australia. You need to prepare the vehicle first. Then you need to research for fair valuation considering all the different factors your vehicle has and advertise it afterwards. As soon as a serious buyer shows up you need to negotiate the sale process and if the person is still interested you need to take care of legal actions and financial aspects of the deal.

If you have an old car, here is what for you to do…

Well usually selling an old car or crashed car in the normal ways might not work and it might be taking a lot of time to make it cash and that’s quite natural because nobody likes these kinds of cars except there are some companies called car wrecker that they are aimed to offer top cash for old cars to people that are in this situation. So if you are Brisbane just call this reliable company and get a quote.

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