Local VIC pup Violet takes out #OZTOPDOG – Top Office Dog 2023

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people2people Recruitment proudly unveils the winners and runner-ups of the Top Office Dog for 2023 in the esteemed #OZTOPDOG competition, in partnership with global hiring platform Indeed.

The Top Office Dog category had the judges deliberating for hours to decide between the top two entries – both from Victoria, Violet and Zard. In what was the closest scoring since the competition started three years ago, their entries highlighted the need for the support of veterinarians and changes to building and pet-friendly workplace policies to allow dogs access.

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Winner: Violet – Caroline Springs, VIC – Staffordshire Bull Terrier @ VetCall:

Violet, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, takes centre stage as the winner of the “Top Office Dog” category. This resilient pup, born with a deformed front leg, has emerged as an indomitable source of inspiration at a veterinary clinic. Her journey from being surrendered at just one week old to becoming a beloved member of the team underscores the power of determination and compassion. Violet’s unwavering presence brings solace, smiles, and a reminder that imperfections can indeed be extraordinary.


1st Runner-Up: Zard – Sunbury, VIC – Australian Shepherd @ Leading Real Estate Sunbury:

In a testament to the magical bond between dogs and humans, Zard, the Australian Shepherd, secures the 1st runner-up position. Zard’s innate ability to sense emotions and provide comfort has made him an essential member of the team. Whether offering “Zard cuddles” to uplift spirits or engaging with clients and staff with his joyful presence, Zard exemplifies how a dog’s energy can transform a workplace into a sanctuary of positivity.


2nd Runner-Up: Koko – Brisbane, QLD – Miniature Australian Bulldog @ Archipelago:

Embodying the notion that dogs become cherished colleagues, Koko, the Miniature Australian Bulldog, claims the 2nd runner-up title. Koko’s five-year tenure at Archipelago, a design studio, has rendered her the “Team Support Officer” with a boundless impact. Her presence extends far beyond the office walls, brightening commutes and eliciting smiles from strangers. Koko’s daily routine, from rollicking explorations to heartwarming welcomes in meetings, exemplifies the unwavering loyalty and joy that dogs bring to their work family.

About the #OZTOPDOG Competition:

In its third year in Australia, people2people Recruitment’s competition is a celebration of extraordinary canine talents and their incredible contributions to various fields, this year held in partnership with the global hiring platform, Indeed. This unique competition shines a spotlight on dogs across Australia who have taken on important roles and responsibilities, showcasing their unmatched dedication and skills. The competition featured two distinct categories – the Top Dog with a Job Award and the Top Office Dog Award, plus the ever-popular People’s Choice Award which garnered over 20,000 votes this year.

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