Mountain Goat Barrel Breed – Barley Wine



Date April 2016 Best after May 2016


11.3 % ABV

This is the most Insane beer that I have ever tasted.

That said, what happened when first poured into a big
wine glass is you take a sniff, and get your nose pushed
through the back of your head as you jerk back hard to
get away from the glass, then whip-lash as you dive your
nose back into the glass, too get another sniff.

The aroma kicks you in the face with barnyard meets
whisky meets white sherry meets caramel meets, it just
keeps going on and on all that from a single sniff.

All I can say its a shock to the senses, not what I was
expecting from a beer / barley wine, although I guess I
really didn’t know what I was expecting.

Now to this Beer / Barley wine. Basically its a beer made
with two malts and two hops and some other bits and
pieces, then its brewed then it goes into used Lark
whisky barrels that still have some whiskey in them and
aged for two months. ( PS. Lark whiskey is an award
winning Tasmanian whisky)

The result is a beer like no other I have ever tasted with
a glowing translucent Golden syrup colour and the
unbelievable aromas of whisky, caramel, anise, barnyard
meets fruit orchard meets toffee and vanilla with a hand
full of spice thrown into this already rich mix, Insane,
sorry Its the only way to best describe what is happening
in this glass I cant believe what I am experiencing the
flavour is like nothing I have tasted, layer upon layer of
sweet oil, whisky, Golden syrup entwined with spiced fruit
unfolding with each sip as the beer warmed up.

Don’t drink this ice cold as it masks the flavours of this
Beer/Barley Wine.

A word of warning for those amongst us that think $50.00
for a bottle of beer is insane!

Who would pay that much for a bottle of beer?
You have just missed out!

If you stop and think for too long, it will have all ready
sold out that is the following that Mountain Goat seasonal
craft beers have amongst Melbourne’s Beer Nuts.

PS. this is just a baby you should let it grow up, keep it
for 12 months then drink it the flavours I have described
will only get better and better.

A very happy Beer Nut.


I am old enough to remember CUB going on strike every Xmas,and as a Victorian we were forced to drink XXXX if you wanted a beer.
Beer has come a long way since then.

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