“Must See” SWEET PHOEBE reviews

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Michael Gow’s SWEET PHOEBE has kicked off season 2019 in our big, little theatre. With only 3 weeks left, you don’t want to miss your chance to catch this “triumphant” 25th Anniversary production. Book now.

Here are some of the rave reviews from the press:

“Wilson’s excellent production … unmoors the play from its socio-realist roots and reveals its dark and bewildering heart.” – ★★★★ Time Out

“This is a play that rewards precision and Mark Wilson is sure footed and sensitive to the play’s subtle changes of mood.” – The Herald Sun

“Sweet Phoebe combines clever writing, effective design and powerhouse performances into a punchy, intriguing 80 minutes that matches Red Stitch’s usual exceptional standard.” – Theatre Press

“This is fine, edge of your seats, melodramatic theatre if ever I saw it.” – The Blurb

“Monticciolo is wonderfully bright and quick.” – The Herald Sun

“Olivia and Marcus were terrific in their roles, giving their performances a sharpness and gusto that suited the heightened tone.” – Australian Arts Review


by Michael Gow
Directed by Mark Wilson
Playing until March 3.


“Where does Sweet Phoebe sit in our imaginations? How might it come alive for us in the theatre?”

Director Mark Wilson gives in an insightful interview with Theatre People here.


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