Nobody Denim sacks 40 workers with no pay or entitlements

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Denim 108 Pty Ltd, who make clothing for fashion brand Nobody Denim, have sacked 40 workers without their last fortnight’s wages, notice or redundancy pay and unpaid accrued entitlements.

Workers have been given no information about when they’ll receive their pay or their hard-earned outstanding entitlements. Many of the employees have extensive years of service and are owed long service leave entitlements as well.

The union has filed for an urgent hearing in the Fair Work Commission but are urging the employer to immediately pay backpay and entitlements owed to their workers.

“It is unacceptable for an employer to simply sack workers the day their fortnightly pay is due and provide them with no notice, and no clarity about their employment entitlements. We’re calling on the owner of Nobody Denim to show his workers some respect and to pay them what they’re entitled to,” Jenny Kruschel, Textile Clothing and Footwear National Secretary, CFMEU Manufacturing Division said.

“While these workers want to work, the lack of clarity is not allowing them to seek Centrelink benefits, while they are desperately looking for other work. They’re in limbo and that is a very stressful situation for these skilled workers to be in,” said Jenny Kruschel.

“We call on the company to make good with its workers immediately and not wait for the Fair Work Commission hearing to come clean about its intentions.”

This situation highlights the need for stronger workplace laws to protect vulnerable, low-paid award dependent workers.

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