Not Finished With You Yet! A Dickie Gross Productions

not finish with you yet 800
not finish with you yet 800


Coming in 2023 a New Musical from Dickie Gross Productions

“The music (is) wonderful and the topic very interesting and topical. Great job. Well done.”

“…love the ballads and the nature of the music. Variety in styles and textures…intimate, poignant, comedy and sad moments.”

“Great concept. Cleverly written.”

Writer and composer Dick Gross AM

Dick Gross is better known as the four-time former mayor of the City of Port Phillip, but has also been a writer in residence and has authored four musicals and six books.

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In this buoyant, occasionally saucy musical, the protagonists fight the system to stay together. Twenty songs explore not only the nature of love in its middle stages but confront middle age issues such as the existential significance of kids (or otherwise), post-menopausal sex, masturbation and male midlife crisis.


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