Reducing environmental impact with Biogone at Heatlie

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Heatlie is a family-owned business with a history spanning more than 40 years. Specialising in BBQs and a suite of catering equipment, Heatlie also offers services related to gas appliances, letterbox manufacturing, and fabrication for businesses in Adelaide and across the country.

Seeking to minimise their environmental footprint, while maintaining the integrity and protection of their metal products, Heatlie began exploring alternative packaging solutions. Given their need for packaging that could withstand the sharp edges of metal objects and remain shelf-stable for extended periods, they found Biogone to be a promising solution.

Heatlie incorporates a range of Biogone products into their operations, including:

  • Biodegradable hand stretch wrap for palletising parts in their warehouse
  • Biodegradable ziplock bags and custom-sized biodegradable plastic covers for larger products, including barbeques and letterboxes
  • Biodegradable machine stretch wrap, poly strapping, and pallet caps for bulk freight
  • Biogone biodegradable packaging tape used in conjunction with their other packaging materials

Heatlie has found several benefits in their partnership with Biogone, including product reliability, good quality products and great service, stating that reliability has been a crucial factor in choosing Biogone. Heatlie also appreciates the option of Biogone being able to offer custom-made biodegradable plastic bags, making the transition to more environmentally responsible packaging seamless.

Heatlie has been using Biogone products since late 2022, and before adopting Biogone, Heatlie relied on assorted generic plastic packaging products, however, their commitment to innovation and sustainability prompted them to explore new and better ways to achieve their goals.

Concurrently with their adoption of Biogone products, Heatlie began phasing out other less sustainable packaging materials, such as polystyrene, with eco-friendly alternatives, like honeycomb core cardboard blocks made from recycled materials, which are 100% recyclable through kerbside collection.

Heatlie is committed to reducing its environmental impact and continually seeks innovative solutions to meet their goals. Their partnership with Biogone has enabled them to take substantial steps in the right direction.

Charlie Paterson, Engineer at Heatlie, said, “Biogone has not only helped us reduce our environmental impact but has also provided high-quality packaging options that meet our needs.  The flexibility to customise our packaging solutions with Biogone has streamlined our transition to more sustainable practices.

“We believe in constant improvement, and Biogone has been a crucial part of our journey toward sustainability.”

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