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Tag: Chocolate


Surprise! There might be salmonella in your chocolate

Image: Shutterstock In the past three months, more than 150 cases of salmonella food poisoning across Europe have been linked to Kinder chocolate products. Most of the...

Want to buy guilt-free Easter chocolate? Pick from our list of ‘good eggs’ that score best for the environment and child labour

Image: Eva Elija/Pexels What do Beyond Good, Alter Eco, Tony’s Chocolonely and Whittaker’s all have in common? Besides producing delicious chocolate, they are the “good eggs” in this year’s chocolate scorecard. Each is...

5 Desserts Worth Trying Today

Most of us like a sweet treat every once in a while. Fortunately for us, dessert recipes are truly countless and there is surely...

No, eating chocolate won’t cure depression

If you’re depressed, the headlines might tempt you to reach out for a chocolate bar. But don’t believe the hype. from www.shutterstock.com A recent study...