The game-changing educational robot is here to inspire generations! With intelligent AI features, exciting gameplay modes, and 46 programmable components, RoboMaster EP Core is an educational robot built to give you a whole world of opportunities to unlock your learning potentials. There’s captivating gameplay and thoroughly intelligent features to give you an in-depth understanding of programming, science, maths, and physics.

Come let’s take a ride into the world of EP Core and learn what all it can do.

1. Fun Games

It’s all fun and frolic with RoboMaster EP Core. Got game ideas you need to try? How about you unleash your creativity with RoboMaster’s help? With a pitch rotation range of 540° × 65°, EP Core gives you exceptional control to create and play games you desire. It has brushless motors that amplify the pleasant experience. From adults and teens to kids, everyone and anyone can revamp their indoor adventure spirit with EP Core’s exciting multiplayer gameplay modes. There are obstacle courses as well so you can take the experience to the next level. Swivel around the sofas, glide across the hall, or dash through the living room, the race to reach the finish line just became even more exciting!

Wait, there’s more. The EP Core blaster can be used to perform cool tricks that are safe as well, all thanks to non toxic gel beads. With limitations on the launching angle and rate, EP Core makers have ensured you and your kids enjoy a fun game time in a safe and secure way. 

2. Dancing

EP Core got moves! Like real moves. It may have been designed for educational purposes, but EP Core sure knows how to party hard. There are 6 programmable AI modules in the educational robot and other exciting features, which garner EP Core the ability to show its crazy fun dance moves. Did we tell you it also supports Python and Scratch coding? So, the next time you are planning a party, make sure you invite EP Core. Believe us when we say it will steal the limelight! And not just party, if you would like to have a fun exercise session, EP Core can be your dance partner as well. A little warning though, you might find it difficult to keep up with all the action. EP Core just rocks it!

3. Your Walk Partner

Hate going for a walk alone? Wished you had a dog you could walk minus the responsibility that comes with it? Or, maybe you would like to have a walk partner that can guide you throughout! RoboMaster EP Core can do this all AND with perfection. Take a break from your busy lifestyle, and go for a walk with EP Core. It has a Gesture Recognition system, which means EP Core would be able to recognize your gestures and commands and follow them. How cool is that! Maybe having a cool walk partner like RoboMaster EP Core would make you go for more walks. A fun way to get fitter and healthier indeed.

4. Parallel Parking Made Easy

Parallel parking is a headache for even expert drivers! How about a little practice first before you go full-fledgedly trying on roads with your actual car? The RoboMaster EP Core has four Mecanum wheels. Wait…what? Well, mecanum wheels mean each wheel is a non-steering independent drive wheel with its own power train that allows the vehicle to move in any direction. Each Mecanum wheel in EP Core is made up of 12 rollers to give you the ultimate control. EP Core’s movement is omnidirectional, which means you can have a lot of fun while practicing parking around your house. Try different locations to hone your parking skills!

5. Send Messages

Want to send a message to your roommate watching TV in the living room? Your phone is on the charger and you are too comfortable (read that as lazy) to get up! We get it. We all have days when we don’t want to lift a finger. For such days, RoboMaster EP Core can come in very handy. Stick a note to EP Core and let it do all the hard work of walking and pushing messages around the house. Whether it is a call for the last slice of the pizza or a love message for your partner, EP Core can deliver it easily. To make this possible, it has a unique FPV driving perspective. It will give you all the control you require to deliver your messages around the house or your property. Too lazy to write a note? Well, EP Core has a solution for that as well. Use the intercom feature to record and play your messages.

  1. Build And Learn

EP Core gives you a brilliant opportunity to spend quality time with your friends or kids while building it from scratch. Each and every component of EP Core is built to be able to offer you a great building time. From every programmable component to each screw, you’ll love spending time with your children or friends building EP Core bit by bit. If you get stuck anywhere, there are comprehensive tutorials and manuals to get you back on track.