Resigning as ALP leader is too good for Kevin Rudd. I think an appropriate penance for him would be to serve for another three years as leader opposite the most unpopular Prime Minister this country has ever elected.

Thanks Kevin. You couldn’t let it go could you. You couldn’t accept the umpires decision back in 2009 when your party saw you were unfit to continue as its leader. You knew you didn’t have the numbers so you didn’t call a spill and it was YOU who resigned and made it look like Julia Gillard knifed you.

Thank you Kevin for not having the testicular fortitude to follow your promises on climate change after sweeping into power in 2007. You had it in the bag. You saved us from the GFC and apologised to the Stolen Generations. You built school buildings despite the bullshit from the LNP. You had the backing of the majority of the Australian public yet you were too gutless to take the ETS to Tony Abbott and call his bluff on a double dissolution.  That’s what real leaders do Kevin regardless of the risks. History would have judged you a hell of a lot better too.

You then took it upon yourself to fight the big miners over a mining tax without consulting your cabinet and stuffed it. You didn’t sell it to the public and the LNP and their mates succeeded in making it look like every firstborn was going to be slaughtered because of it.

Then you wonder why your party saw fit to remove you. Their mistake was they should have let you fight the 2010 election. Going by your polling we would have had Abbott three years ago and be numbed to the agony by now.

Thank you, Kevin, for plotting your revenge from day one and sabotaging the 2010 election resulting in the most vicious hung parliament this country has ever seen.

Thank you, Kevin, for your continuing undermining of the achievements of the Gillard government despite being in minority government. Thank you for prostituting yourself the corrupted Canberra Press Gallery with your leaks and leadership speculation that suffocated the air out of your party’s visionary achievements.

Your messiah-like return may have saved some Labor seats but it only made it worse by changing leaders during an election campaign. If the Julia Gillard led government did get wiped out they should have been given the opportunity to find out. Just like how they should have let you go to 2010.

Thank you Kevin. Your actions from 2010 have now resulted in public schools once again falling behind private schools in funding, no high speed broadband to the home, same sex couples being treated as an abomination, the destruction of the clean energy industry and marine parks.

Thanks Kevin because we now won’t get 12% super contributions from our employers and 12,000 public servants are about to get shafted and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks Kevin for allowing a cavalcade of right wing nut jobs into the parliament with their xeonphobic and homophobic attitudes who will not hesitate in blurring the lines between religion and the state.

Thanks a lot Kevin for allowing your ego maniacal narcissistic messiah complex to destroy the ALP and relegate them to opposition for years to come.

So to you and your mates who backed you since 2010 I say this.

Tony Abbott did not win this election. You fucked it and you can wear the badge with knowing that your actions played the biggest part in leading the country to the election of the least popular political figure as Prime Minister…


No I’m not a journalist, commentator or politician .. Just one very angry rusted on Labor voter.

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