The Growing Popularity of Online Casinos in New Zealand

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Gambling has always been one of the most favourite pastimes of the Kiwis. In fact, New Zealand has become one of the hottest gambling destinations in the world today. The question is- how did it all start, and where do we stand now?

The Growing Popularity Of Online Casinos In New Zealand

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A Peek into the Past 

It all started when the Europeans arrived and settled in New Zealand during the 1830s and brought with them a variety of traditional casino games which immediately became popular. Over time, other forms of gambling games were introduced, such as the mid-1860s when the Chinese miners popularized their own collection of unique games. However, it wasn’t until the year 1908 when gambling was legalized in the country. Even then, the only form of wagering allowed was horse racing.

It was when the TAB was established in 1951 in New Zealand, that the gambling industry finally began to gain momentum. At this point, pokies were introduced which were followed by state-approved lotteries. Shortly afterwards, land-based casinos were introduced which turned out to be a huge success, and then there was no turning back.

Gambling in New Zealand Today

The Growing Popularity Of Online Casinos In New Zealand

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Today, gambling is considered one of the biggest industries in New Zealand which is growing exponentially due to the rise of online casinos.

The Kiwis spend more than whopping $2 billion on casino games every year. There are also countless people who gamble every week, some even daily. It’s a different thing that some are luckier than others such as the woman who made $1.1 million from a paltry $35 at SKYCITY casino in Auckland but overall, gambling is loved by a large number of people here.

Some of the most popular gambling activities in New Zealand include horse racing, sports betting, and casino games like roulette, pokies, blackjack, etc. However, more and more people are getting attracted towards online casinos too that are very convenient and grant access to countless casino games 24/7 irrespective of one’s location.

The following are some of the most popular online casino games that the Kiwis have grown really fond of:


Licensed by Curacao, Casino-x is a modern online casino platform that offers a variety of interesting games from top companies like Playtech, Thunderkick, Plan n Go, Novamatic, etc. There are over 200 slot machines to choose from and support for 14 languages. If you want good offers and bonuses, then you won’t be disappointed either. In fact, as soon as you sign up, you are asked to pick any of these as your reward –

  • Free spins
  • Double loyalty points
  • 2% additional cashback

Platinum Play

With over 700 online casino games, instant play, and a top-notch loyalty program, Platinum Play has become the go-to platform for the casino lovers in New Zealand. It offers a welcome bonus of $800 and can be accessed on mobile devices too. In addition to that, it also runs promotional offers frequently which you can check out for all kinds of discounts and bonuses. To learn more, you can go check the Platinum Play casino review.

Dunder Casino

Not only is Dunder Casino a totally fun-packed gambling platform, it features the world’s largest online progressive slots.

There are a number of features of Dunder Casino that make it an excellent choice for both professional gamblers and casual players. For instance, it has over 600 kinds of games from the biggest providers, a live chat service, and a live casino dealer as well if want more “realistic” casino experience.


There is something about gambling that makes all your problems go away even if for a brief period and let you just enjoy the present moment. It’s a feeling cherished by gamblers across the world and New Zealand is no different. So, enjoy but play responsibly.

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