The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Lavish Self-Care


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In the name of all the women in our lives: it’s time to remind them of how glorious, majestic, and appreciated they all are. You’re a woman, too? All the more reason to set aside some time for proper self-care and recognize your worth and your growth over the years. This beautiful celebration is definitely a perfect opportunity to do that, but it’s also one to remind us that every day is and should be Mother’s Day. 

Perhaps a gift for this occasion is going to be a catalyst for greater self-appreciation and an opportunity to promise ourselves that we’ll spend more time cherishing moms around us – especially our own. Searching for the perfect gift for your mom? Here are top picks that will surely delight any woman, especially during these social distancing times. For elegant touches, see the collection here of hairpins and accessories.

Set up that perfect home spa day

the ultimate mother’s day gift guide for lavish self-care


Synonymous with relaxation, a spa day at home can be the go-to gift for busy moms if you want to let them know that they’ve been investing so much time and effort into everyone else but themselves. Depending on what your mom loves, you can give her a massage if you have the skills, followed by a mani-pedi session and a thorough facial to refresh her pores. 

You can get a beauty care package with the essentials for just that occasion, containing a facial mask, a foot soak and scrub, a body wash for her entire body, and something for her lovely hair! Take her preferences into consideration, since she’s meant to enjoy every moment of those pampering hours. 

A basket of self-care goodies

the ultimate mother’s day gift guide for lavish self-care


Let’s be honest, not everyone is crazy about spas, and perhaps your mom just wants to have some alone time for quality self-care. To give her just that, first of all make sure that the kids and all other chores are taken care of and that she has the day to herself. Then, prepare a little gift basket containing a few skin-care and hair-care goodies suitable for her. Too many women struggle with clogged pores and oily strands just because they don’t have the time to find reliable self-care products.

For example, you can throw in a few scented candles into the bundle to light them just before she takes her bath, and create that perfect Zen atmosphere at home. Then, she can try out that natural oily hair shampoo to revive her locks and refresh her look while she immerses herself into warm water and listens to some smooth jazz. The soothing eucalyptus scent is not just perfect for the scalp, but it will also help her feel more energized after her bath. To wrap it all up, pack her a natural facial mask and a soft, fluffy robe to soak up the remaining water droplets when she’s ready to continue her day. 

An online fitness pass for meditation classes

the ultimate mother’s day gift guide for lavish self-care


Self-care definitely doesn’t start or end with skin-care and other beauty gimmicks. As much as we all enjoy a good scrub and a detoxing sauna session, self-care should also be about mental and emotional wellbeing. In case the woman in your life feels stressed, burnt out, and exhausted from all the coronavirus updates and ongoing tension, why not give her a course for meditation to work on her inner sense of balance?

Alternatively, if she’s in need of physical activity, online yoga workouts merge the spiritual with the physical and can be extremely helpful for a busy mom to feel better in her own skin and to enhance her health over time. You can give her a pass for a personal yoga trainer for proper one-on-one sessions, or a group course, depending on what she’d prefer.

Encourage her curiosity

the ultimate mother’s day gift guide for lavish self-care


Has she always talked about learning salsa, or mastering Spanish? Maybe she’d like to try her hand at pastry? No time like the present to actually let her turn such ideas into reality, especially if she has a few extra hours on her hands due to the health crisis. This is your ideal chance to empower your adventurous mom to take up an online class, learn something new, and pursue the kind of goals she has always found inspiring. 

Self-care means that she should be able to pamper herself not just physically, but to satisfy her learning cravings and continue to develop as a unique personality that she is. 

Whisk her away for an adventure

the ultimate mother’s day gift guide for lavish self-care


Sometimes the most lavish and precious gift you can give this woman in your life is time. Perhaps you’ve been too busy lately, and it’s the perfect moment to devote all of your attention to her. A few simple, but brilliant bonding ideas include setting up a picnic for you and your mom in your own backyard, on the porch, or even the roof of your building if the weather permits.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated to make her feel special and help her de-stress properly, as even a movie night with a home-cooked meal (made by you!) and her favourite snacks can go a long way in helping her feel special. 

Sometimes, a little can go a long way in showing the mom of the house your affection, care, and appreciation. Then again, this is your chance to go above and beyond and treat her to a lavish Mother’s Day present that she’ll cherish, and that will be the epitome of how much she means to you. Finally, encouraging her to practise self-care with this one symbolic gift can help her focus on herself more over the months to come, as well!


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