Tickets And Licenses You Need For A Job In Construction

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Construction industry is a high-demand industry in Australia and there is no existence of ‘why’ people want to step into construction in Australia. However, to enter into the construction industry, you’ll need certain licences and certifications. There are a range of licence and certification available depending upon the site where you will be working and/or the job you are willing or have to do the work. The certifications and licence are designed so people willing can work safely in the construction industry and no one is hurt.

Tickets and licenses are necessary to step into the industry as it provides evidence that you have undergone mandatory training and possess relevant skills to do the job. If you are here, you might be already aware or have heard about white card course. This post will brief you everything about white card course in Melbourne and a list of other possible tickets to the industry.

White card

White card or white card training in Melbourne is your entry ticket for the construction industry. Think white card as a licence to work in the construction industry across Australia; not to mention mandatory for all labourers. A white card training course will teach you everything you need to keep your foot in the robotics industry. This includes:

  • Basic construction work
  • Safety hazards
  • Identifying risk control measures
  • Applicable work health and safety (WHS) laws
  • Current legislation and requirements of the industry.

Note: your white card will become void if you have not done any work in the construction industry.

Working at height tickets

Like you know, construction work can become a risk at times, especially when it involves the work at a certain height. So, if you are someone who is willing to work for challenging roles, you need to have a working height ticket course like it is a legal requirement to have white card training in Brisbane or any city for stepping into the industry. The course is required to acquire skills and knowledge about being able to identify potential risks and prevention from occurring or resulting in injury to anyone. In a nutshell, it will give you knowledge about how to perform height duties safely and efficiently. The training is recognized nationally and does not have any expiry date.

High risk work licence

As the name suggests, the licence is required when you indulge in work which involves high-risk. This training will help you acquire knowledge about how to be defined at highly involved risk. The work here includes scaffolding, doggin, forklift, etc,. Now there is a group of licences that allows people to perform high-risk work. The licence is valid Nationally and is legal for 5 years.

Confined space ticket

Again, as the same suggests-confined spaces; this licence is required when you are working or willing to work in enclosed or partially enclosed spaces. Confined licence is required to help you understand how to avoid risks and prevent them as the space is not intended to be entered by a person, it involves a lot of health and safety risks. Confided examples include sewers, trenches, tanks, and vats. For the confined, it is recommended that you refresh your training every two years. 

Key takeaways

From a white card course in Brisbane to a confined space, there are many training/licences to take your ticket to the construction industry. Some tasks also require having an Elevated Work Platform (EWP) to reach areas to get the work done. Moreover, it is also required to have cpccwhs1001 prepared to work safely in the construction industry. The cpccwhs1001 covers identifying and orally reporting common construction hazards, understanding basics of the industry, risk, and procedures to prevent incidents and emergencies. It also covers personal protective equipment (PPE) used for the construction work.

You can get the best training for a white card in Melbourne online at Positive Training. They have a range of different training courses designed specially to meet various purposes of national as well as international students.

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