Upholstery Care


While upholstered furniture is a beautiful addition to many homes, many homeowners neglect maintaining it properly. Proper upholstery care should be given from the beginning to insure that upholstered pieces have as long a life as possible. Controlling soil, removing it promptly and routinely, and care to clean stains as soon as they occur will help you get the most out of your upholstered furniture for years to come.

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The most common part of furniture in need of Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane is the seat cushions, as well as along the arms and back. To prevent excess wear, consider rotating your seat cushions and using arm covers. Generally adding these to your upholstery care routine will help extend your upholstered furniture’s life and preserve its appearance.

Brushing or vacuuming upholstered furniture is a recommended part of upholstery care that helps remove dry particulate matter and loose soil. While vacuuming is safe for most upholstered pieces, brushing is not recommended as a part of the upholstery care routine for delicate fabrics. Vacuuming and brushing are great ways to ‘freshen’ upholstery and keep the fabric looking new. The process also removes pet dander, dust mites, and allergens, making this upholstery care step a must for individuals who might be susceptible to the consequences of poor indoor air quality.

Upholstery Dry Cleaning should include periodic deep cleaning. Experts recommend professional cleaning every one to two years, depending on the frequency of use of the upholstered pieces. For upholstered furniture subject to daily heavy use, deep cleaning should occur at least twice a year. Of course, spots and spills should be cleaned and removed quickly by blotting up the liquid and treating it with a spot cleaner or water – whichever is safest for your upholstery fabric. When it comes to your precious upholstery, it is best to be proactive in your upholstery care routines than reactive to stains and spills.

By calling the best & Professional Upholstery Cleaning, you can also benefit from other services such as carpet and furniture cleaning. Upholstery Cleaning wants to make sure that you’re living or working in the healthiest environment. It doesn’t matter if the issue regards stains. Upholstery Care service can get any and every stain off of your upholstery. Contact Upholstery Cleaning and see for yourself that any stain can be removed by these professional cleaners in <location name>. They come to the rescue to make sure that you can live fully everyday and do the best you can.


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