LAW and ORDER PTV 2022 written by Fae O’Toole Sevenfold Theatre Company

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THEATRE REVIEW by Meredith Fuller OAM

I haven’t laughed or enjoyed myself so much since the pandemic hit; this is the show to eradicate the pain of the past 3 years and have a heart tonic that will do you good for weeks. I urge you to book in now. Not only does this show lift the lid on our transport system, MYKI, the tunnel, and features a homage to Dan, but this ensemble delivers a fresh, delightful and unique interpretation of daily living in Melbourne.

“In the Victorian public transport system, fare evading offences are considered especially heinous. In Melbourne, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Authorised Ticket Inspectors. These are their stories. Beep, Beep.”

Remind you of something? This show has something for every age group, and makes fun of all we loved about the Law and Order TV series, disco, chorus dancing, and Australian archetypes.

The gestalt of ENSEMBLE – that the sum is greater than its’ parts – relies on every part being as essential as the other. THIS ensemble is great. Actors are not named, but the ensemble is as one – we don’t know who the individuals are but we feel that together they are the incarnation of everyone we have met on public transport. Whoever did the casting is to be congratulated; they have crafted a perfect octopus. Each member has a number of roles that are embodied brilliantly, and the actors work beautifully together in this cracking paced hilarious comedy that relies on energetic dancing, fighting, sight gags, and moments of poignancy.

Directors Zac Dixon & Tess Walsh are impressive in their orchestration of this witty show. The choreography is tight, the timing impeccable, and transitions are seamless. From the opening moments they held the audience in thrall. Loud laughter, reminicent of a Mexican wave didn’t stop until the end. The show had interactive segments and the audience had a ball during this romp with satire, irony, and gymnastics.Too many stellar ‘moments’ to single out – but the finesse of the ensemble was evident in every vignette.

Sevenfold Theatre Company is an ensemble of artists, who aim to nurture an artistic network by seeking young artists, directors and writers to build a community that produces and elevates new works and adaptions. May they continue to stage theatre like tonight; they deserve our support.

law and order ptv written by fae o’toole sevenfold theatre company

law and order ptv written by fae o’toole sevenfold theatre company

cast member with audience

LAW and ORDER PTV is on at the Toff in Town,
Thursday 12th May 7pm & 9pm
Friday 13th May 7pm & 9pm
Sunday 15th May 6pm & 8pm
Warning: Contains strong coarse language, sustained loud noises, some infrequent/low pressure audience interaction, potentially triggering content or themes, including Use of Replica Weapons

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