Ways to Make Smaller Living Spaces Feel Larger

pexels max vakhtbovych
pexels max vakhtbovych

Not everyone in Victoria can afford to live in huge, spacious, light and luxurious apartments designed by award-winning apartment architects in Melbourne. That doesn’t mean, however, that they should feel limited in how they design their living space. It’s actually more possible than you think to make a smaller living space seem larger.

Here are some simple and accessible ways that anyone in any size of living space can use to make their homes feel larger, more spacious and more comfortable.

1. Decluttering

The biggest enemy of space is clutter, which you might also call “anti-space.” Here we’re referring to things that you simply do not need in your home. Clutter takes up cupboard space, it takes up surfaces, it fills spaces and over time it starts to make your home feel smaller and smaller. Most of us are prone to gathering clutter since it’s a natural consequence of our consumerist lifestyle. Not many of us reach the point of hoarding, but that’s good because it means we can declutter quite easily.

Apply a 3-month rule. Any clearly non-essential item that hasn’t been used in 3 months is not going to be, so throw it away, recycle it, donate it to charity or find some other home for it. You might even be able to sell some clutter and make some money.

2. Storage

Once you’ve decluttered, a natural next step is to ensure that you’re storing things you need in a smart way. In the kitchen, for instance, you can buy baskets and hanging frames that attach to your fridge, providing handy storage on the front or side of your fridge, saving you space in both your cupboards and on your countertops. What’s more, being in the fridge makes those things easier to reach.  

In your other rooms, use tall storage units that don’t take up more floor space. You might also consider using recesses in the walls where you can to allow you to make small bathrooms feel larger, or stop TV frames and cables from cluttering up your space.

3. Mirrors

Being clever with mirrors is another good way to make a smaller space appear larger. A well-placed looking glass adds dimension to a room, creating illusions of space that help people feel more comfortable. They also help to move light around the room, and can look very high-end and decorative, especially if you invest in full-length mirrors.

4. Fresh Colour and Paint

If your place is a bit older, never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint on the wall to inspire a feeling of greater and more luxurious space. Whether you change the colour, or simply refresh the existing colour, it can do wonders. It doesn’t cost much to achieve, and is something you and your partner can do without hiring contractors. Sometimes it’s hard to see just how dreary and closed in the wall colour is making you feel until you refresh or change it.

5. Smarter Furniture

There’s a lot of noise here and there about various types of furniture that folds and expands to meet needs, while at other times sitting there and taking up less space. The idea has been around for a while, of course. For example, instead of an armchair and a separate Ottoman or footrest, why not get a reclining chair with built-in footrest? Floor space is freed up and your living space looks much more open. The idea goes far and wide, from seating to storage, coffee tables that fold up into laptop desks, and so on. Don’t just buy less furniture, buy smarter furniture.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/living-room-room-apartment-classic-4508291/

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