When Is a Large Excavator Right For Your Project?

gerold hinzen WoZs gGyQBY unsplash
gerold hinzen WoZs gGyQBY unsplash

You know you need an excavator to complete your project but are concerned about whether you are choosing the right size of equipment. You don’t want to take on more than you need, but you also don’t want to find out the hard way that you underestimated the demands of the job. How can you be sure whether your project will benefit from this big machine? Consider these critical project elements when deciding on the right excavator for you.

The Size of the Project

The size of the job may be the most important factor when determining what size excavator you should choose for your project. The more material that needs excavating, the greater difference large excavators can make.

This statement may seem obvious, but some find it tempting to stick with a smaller piece of equipment and try to make up for it by “working faster” or continually pushing the equipment to the limits of what it can do. Avoid using the wrong size excavator for the job at hand.

In addition to the size of the current project, think about the possibility of similar-sized projects in the future. Investing in heavier, higher-powered equipment leaves you well situated to take on major opportunities on the horizon.

The Size of the Job Site

The size of the site where your project is located could be the deciding factor in many cases. The length, width and weight of the machine you choose must be reasonable in relation to the dimensions and conditions of your work location. If the site is very small, or if access to the location is difficult for larger vehicles, mini excavators may seem to be the only option for your project.

On the other hand, many people are surprised to learn how maneuverable some medium or large excavators can be. Don’t assume that site size or access will require a smaller piece of equipment without consulting an expert about the capabilities of your preferred machine. It may be true that your site requires a smaller excavator, but that choice should be based on facts rather than assumptions.

The Project Timeline

Sometimes your excavator is meant for work that is ongoing, but what about when your job has a clear deadline that must be met? Using an excavator that can actually meet the demands of the job is vital to keeping your project on schedule. Efficiency is important on every job, but never more so than when you are working to a tight timeline.

As a deadline approaches, a bigger bucket and more power will translate to having the ability to move more material faster. This increased capacity for a heavier workload is how a bigger machine can help you stick to your schedule and finish on time. For jobs that every day counts towards the bottom line, the ability to get the job done faster with a bigger machine can be like money in the bank.

The Project Budget

Speaking of money, every project manager has to keep an eye on the project’s budget. There’s a saying that saving money is almost as good as making money. Choosing a smaller excavator may seem like the cost-conscious choice, but in some cases, it will turn out to be a false economy.

As mentioned earlier, completing your project faster can save you money as well as time. It is true that a larger machine will cost more than a smaller one upfront, thus making a larger dent in the budget in the beginning. However, you may decide that the additional efficiency and faster completion will more than make up for the higher initial price. As always, keep long-term value, as well as short-term spending, in mind.

The range of different excavator sizes means that you should be able to find the piece of equipment that is ideally suited to the needs of your current project, as well as any future jobs. From small and nimble excavators good for simple, everyday work to impressive machines made for major projects, that just-right tool is available for every job. Once you have taken a careful look at your job’s size, location, budget and timeline, making the perfect selection will be well within your grasp. 

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